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NEW October Webinar!

 "Deaf-Blind Interpreting through the Lens of the Demand Control Schema"
Presenter: Susanne Morgan Morrow, MA, CI, CT
with special Deaf-Blind guest: Karen Bailey, MA
 Sunday, October 26th
7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. ET
Can't make the live session?  No problem!
A recording will be available to view & earn CEUs anytime!
.15 CEUs in Professional Studies
Sponsored by Mill Neck Interpreter Services
Interpreting as an interactive dynamic has challenges (demands) and resources (controls) that an interpreter will face in any given situation. Research has shown that burnout or professional exhaustion occurs when there is an imbalance between increased demands and decreased controls. The Demand-Control Schema (DCS) is a theoretical framework that allows interpreters to assess and mitigate the stressors that are inherent in the work of sign language interpreting. If an interpreter does not possess the accurate tools to adjust to the scenario of interpreting for a deaf-blind consumer, the stress experienced by the interpreter is increased.  Any ‘difference’ in the anticipated consumer then, presumably, can have an effect on the demands defined in the DCS.  In this webinar, participants will analyze a variety of scenarios involving deaf-blind individuals to explore how their physiological (visual) experience interacts with the above demands and the controls an interpreter possesses that can mitigate those challenges.

Learner Objectives:

  •  Demonstrate knowledge and applicability of the Demand Control Schema to interpreting scenarios requiring deaf-blind interpreting strategies.
  • Analyze potential demands placed on the interpreter when working with consumers with atypical vision.
  • Identify controls to assist in any scenario that is deemed as “deaf-blind interpreting.”
Little or no prior knowledge required to participate!
Cost: $27.99
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Topics that are being scheduled for 2014-2015:
  • Coordinating communication needs for Deaf-Blind participants in events
  • Facilitating communication for Deaf-Blind presenters
  • Therapeutic dynamics with Deaf-Blind consumers in the mental health setting
  • Independent Travel Techniques for Deaf-Blind people
  • Deaf-Blind Interpreting through the Lens of Demand Control Schema
  • Understanding how to work effectively with people with Usher Syndrome
  • Working with Deaf and Deaf-Blind consumers who have minimum language skills
  • ASL webinar
  • Medical interpreting webinar
  • Legal interpreting webinar
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