DB-TIP webinars are back for 2017!

Guayaquil, Ecuador
"Traveling the World: Through the DB Lens"
with Christopher Woodfill

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Cost: $19.99*

RID CEUs: .15 PS

Target Audience: 
DeafBlind Individuals, Interpreters, Interpreting Students, Social Workers, Rehabilitation Counselors, other related

*New Year Special!

Webinar Description
Have you ever wondered how DeafBlind people travel? How do DeafBlind people get around from place to place? And what about traveling to a foreign country? What necessary precautions must a DeafBlind traveler take to ensure safety and ease of travel? 

This webinar will share insights from a very experienced world traveler who is DeafBlind. Specific strategies regarding communication and mobility supports will be shared as well as challenges that were faced while traveling abroad. 

Critical tips for interpreters and Support Service Providers will be shared that will enlighten your daily practice and understanding of independent DeafBlind travelers.  
Webinar Objectives
  • Identify the factors that make for a successful traveling experience for DeafBlind individuals and interpreters/SSPs accompanying them.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the potential barriers to communication throughout travel.
  • Recognize the role and expectations of an interpreter/Support Service Provider while accompanying a DeafBlind traveler. 


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