real-life human being

Deadly Hopefuls is no more.

Thanks to everyone who recorded us, put us on a bill, came to a show,
played with us, provided a jamspace, and/or paid attention.
We appreciate your time and we hope our music meant something to you.

This band lasted for more than eight years
with the same four awkward people who started it,
so we're going to count that as an achievement.
We also managed to hit the studio one last time
to document some of our more recent work.

Before we move on, we have a parting gift for you.

Beginning at noon on June 8th, 2017, we will be offering a free download
of a past DH album for 24 hours, every 24 hours.
We'll start with our 2009 record, Cui Bono, and count up
to the debut of our sixth and final release, Real-Life Human Being.

Deadly Hopefuls
(J, Erik, Dan, and Brent)

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