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In advance of our UK release, we were lucky to have Ain't it Cool News provide the scoop on "Dead Inside"

Phil Wheat from Blogomatic 3000 gives his fantastic take on a film he's dubbed "Powerful, haunting and sombre."

Excellent review highlighting Hannah Ward's performance in Dead Inside (aka The Evil Inside)

Scrub to the 1:00:40 mark for an insightful audio review!

Audio Review of "Dead Inside," starting at the 26:42 with McPierce of "A Little Dead Podcast" 

Interview on Kabookit with Hannah Ward (credited as Lala Hensely in the film) and writer/producer Jennifer Zhang

World Premiere Announcement on Dread Central

Press Release on Yahoo! News Announcing World Premiere 

Special Halloween Edition Interview with "Dead Inside" writer/producer on the film, and the subject of writing horror:
Scriptcast Streaming MP3 

Podcast interview with the cast and director here: 
The Conduit Speaks 

Podcast interview with the writer/producer on the subjects of screenwriting, filmmaking and "Dead Inside" here: 
Scriptcast on iTunes or here Scriptcast Streaming MP3