"...one of the better loopy girl in a spooky house movies I've seen."
--Ain't It Cool News

"...well written, original... there's a weirdness to it that just leaves you on edge. You really don't know what's coming next."

"Powerful, haunting and sombre, this is a must-see in my book."

Get "Dead Inside" (aka "The Evil Inside") on DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK October 8!

"Dead Inside" is a proud Official Selection of the following upcoming film festivals:
Charlotte Horror Fest (Oct. 26-31)  -  American Independent Film Festival (Oct 31 - Nov. 6) - 
-  Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival (Oct 25 - Nov. 3) - Silicon Valley Film Festival

"Dead Inside" will be at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, CA (Oct. 31 - Nov. 7), represented by our sales agents at Bleiberg Entertainment. Please inquire about screenings and scheduling a meeting!
About "Dead Inside"

Sarah, a teen with a history of mental illness, has a jarring premonition of her friends' impending deaths one night at a sleepover. As her houseguests begin to turn murderously against each other, Sarah must determine whether her visions represent the preventable or the inevitable... or something entirely more sinister. 

Dead Inside (directed by Necromentia's Pearry Teo and written and produced by Jennifer Zhang) blends elements of American teen slasher films in the vein of "Final Destination" with those from Asian horror films such as "Ringu" and "Ju-On."

Starring: Lala Hensely, James Adam Lim, Sage Howard, Jennifer Zhang, Tara Strand, Rayne Bidder, Matthew Mercer


Production Company: DMN FILMS
Sales Agent: Compound B, a division of Bleiberg Entertainment  
Executive Producers: Paul Cychosz, Debby Chang, Derek Parham, Haruyoshi Sakai, George Huang, Tom Wilson, Adam Zika, Rex Chien

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