(Believers Roast BR 14 vinyl LP/digital download:
                release date May 12th 2014.)

"SEVERANCE PAY" is the new album from Dead Days Beyond Help. Since their formation in 2006, DDBH have devoted themselves to pushing the possibilities of their chosen format (the guitar/drums duo) to and beyond any limits they could apprehend, creating music of both delirious complexity and powerfully visceral impact. Written over a period of 3 years, "Severance Pay" represents the fullest flowering of their collaborative approach, and constitutes the band's compositional peak so far. Dispensing with the residual elements of vocal song material interspersed in their previous releases "ACCESS DENIED!" and "THE GAME FACE", "SEVERANCE PAY" offers a full album's worth of instrumental compositions of breathtaking variety and intricacy, from the hair-raising convolutions of the title track and "Thicket", to the grandiose melancholy of "The Chain". As on their previous albums, the basic form of the duo's arrangements have been enhanced where appropriate with additional instrumentation to bring out the emotive content of the compositions. Fans of such purveyors of brutal rock complexity as Hella, Flying Luttenbachers, Dysrhythmia or Alex's previous band Camp Blackfoot owe it to themselves to investigate this release and observe how the ante has been upped. Distributed by Genepool/Universal.

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"formidably knotty, complex music which avoids the dry geekiness of US math rock while beating it hands down in terms of intensity and fluidity... Ward’s guitar work leaps between metallic crunch, Fripp-esque tangle and Chadbourne choogle with astounding energy and precision, while Doulton’s drumming swings with commensurate joy and fury" - Derek Walmsley, The Wire.

"Dead Days Beyond Help are just the job after a hard day at the void machine, their precise and frenetic compositions blowing away the debris and cleansing the mind." - Simon Lewis, Terrascope Online.
ALEX WARD: guitar, vocals

Dead Days Beyond Help formed in 2006, and played their first show in February 2007. Their early repertoire comprised instrumentals and songs written by Alex, which the duo arranged and learned to play mostly in the spacious front room of Jem's then-residence in Clapton; but from mid-2009 onwards, all of DDBH's material has been written collaboratively by Jem and Alex in their weekly rehearsals in a windowless 9'-by-7' room in Camden. Their debut studio album ACCESS DENIED! documents the first period, while its follow-up THE GAME FACE covers the transition to the second phase, fully represented on the next instalment SEVERANCE PAY. Their live performances, which are always structured spontaneously by the two musicians without use of a set list, feature material from both eras of the band, combined with instrumental improvisations and cover songs (these latter aspects of their live sets are documented on the CD-R release UNWRITTEN RULES, recorded at various performances during the first 3 years of the band's existence; while the limited edition release THE VERBING is constructed from entirely improvised material). The instrumental compositions which form the heart of their repertoire are guided by no generic or formal constraints besides the parameters of the guitar/drums duo format, and what the two musicians can physically push themselves to achieve in real time performance.
Alex was formerly in Camp Blackfoot, and has recently collaborated with Charles Hayward, Thurston Moore and Weasel Walter amongst others, while Jem has more than a small hand in the work of disturbing pop visionary Mr. Ron Jetson. In addition to their regular appearances as a 2-piece, Dead Days Beyond Help have also performed a number of primarily improvised live collaborations with various guest musicians including Steve Beresford, Chris Cundy, Shabaka Hutchings, and Alan Wilkinson. Bands DDBH have played shows with have included Poino, Nøught, Cellular Chaos, Zea, Child Abuse, Sal Mineo (Eugene Robinson/Xiu Xiu) and The Devil.