Bookings and Letting Rules

Rental charges vary depending on the event and the number of events booked and can be negotiated.

Typical charges are:

  • £5-6/hr. for regular use by Parishioner groups
  • £10-12.50/hr. for external bookings, depending on the frequency of use
Dry Drayton Village Hall Letting Rules. (agreed by the DDVHM Committee, Sept 2013)

1.Hire of and Access to the Hall.
The hire of the Hall is subject to the rules set out below.
The Management Committee shall have unrestricted access to the Hall to ensure compliance with the Rules. Fire Officers and Police must be permitted free access at all times.
2.Booking Arrangements and Numbers Allowed.
Bookings must be made through the Bookings Administrator.
All bookings for and on behalf of persons under the age of 18 must be supervised by a responsible adult who must be in attendance throughout the hire period.
A provisional booking must be confirmed within 7 days; failure to do so will be taken as a cancellation.
The Committee reserves the right to refuse any booking without explanation and give not less than 4 months termination to any group with a block booking.
ALL functions must end by MIDNIGHT.
The maximum number of people for a function involving dancing is 120.
The maximum number of people seated for concerts and shows is 100
3.Fees and Deposits.
Hire Fees must be paid in advance, except where the Treasurer allows special arrangements.
For non- regular bookings, keys will not be handed over until the full hire fee has been received.
For dances and parties, a minimum deposit of £50 is required in advance. Should there be any damage or nuisance caused in the Hall or the car park, or the Hall be left in an unsatisfactory state of cleanliness, then a part or the whole deposit may be forfeited. The Committee has the final judgement.
4.Arrangements for Dances, Parties, Stage Performances and Other Uses.
Bars. The Village Hall does not have a licence to sell alcohol. Therefore, if there is to be a licenced bar at the function, this must be declared at the time of the booking. Outside bars will need a Temporary Events Notice. The hirer will be responsible for obtaining the appropriate licences (through SCDC) and the licensee’s name must be stated on the booking form and 3 weeks in advance of the event.
Music. Both live and recorded music are permitted provided the equipment used is not too powerful and will not cause noise nuisance to the neighbours in the Village. Within these guidelines, Disco type events can be allowed. The use of amplified live music and the use of commercial disco equipment is permitted within this noise constraint. The piano may be used with prior permission. In the event of any dispute over the acceptance of the musical equipment, the decision of the Committee will be final.
Stage Performances. The Hall has an annual licence to cover Performing Rights royalties for users of copyright music. However, the Committee does not issue Licences for individuals using the Hall.
The hirer will be responsible for obtaining the appropriate licence from South Cambs. District Council. Permission to use hazardous effects (such as pyrotechnics, smoking on stage, smoke, lasers, strobes, etc.) will require approval from SCDC.
Tickets. If tickets are to be sold for any dance or party, this must be stated on the booking form. For such functions, tickets must be sold in advance of the start of the event. If it is found that the tickets are being sold at the door, the Committee reserves the right to cancel the letting and have the Hall emptied.
Nuisance. All noise must be kept to a reasonable level, and it must be remembered that the function takes place in the Hall and not in the Village in general. The Committee reserves the right to stop any function which causes a nuisance and have the Hall emptied.
It is the Committee’s intention to inform the police immediately of any damage or nuisance.
Other Uses. For all Commercial / Business uses, the hirer is responsible for obtaining the required licences and the Licensee’s name must appear on the Booking form.                          
5.Safety Requirements and Instructions
SMOKING and the use of NAKED LIGHT sources (candles, matches, etc.) is strictly prohibited in ALL AREAS of the Village Hall (kitchen, rooms, foyer, toilets & stage).
FIRE SAFETY is important; all instructions for escape doors, fire extinguishers (situated near each exit door & in the kitchen) and egress routes must be observed. The Assembly Point is in the Car Park.
RADIATORS & pipes are hot (to 70 deg. C), so care should be taken to avoid prolonged contact.
THE STAGE, at 80cm high, gives the potential for injury by falling off. Take care when using the stage.
EXIT LIGHTS and all outside lights must be kept on throughout the function.
CHAIRS: When chairs are placed in rows, they must be linked together in groups of at least 4. Gangways must be at least 3ft. 6in. wide and must be clear of obstructions. No seat shall be more than 12ft. from a gangway and all seats must be at least 12in. from the seat in front. Chairs stacked to a maximum of 4 high.
Bouncy Castles/Trampolines; their use is strictly forbidden, both inside and outside the Hall’s premises.
It is forbidden to fix decorations to the ceiling. Drawing pins and nails should not be inserted into walls or woodwork within the building. However, drawing pins can be used in the wooden rail about 18in. below ceiling height around the room and in the various notice boards provided.
Coloured wrappings must not be put in or on light fittings.
Sellotape should not be used on the walls or woodwork in the Hall.
Furniture may be removed to the hard standing areas outside the Hall, provided the weather conditions permit, but should be returned after the function. Standing on chairs or tables is not permitted. Care must be taken to avoid damage to the floor when returning the furniture to the hall.
8.Sanitation, Cleanliness and Food Hygiene.
Hirers are required to leave the Hall as clean and tidy as they found it. Failure to leave the Hall in a clean and tidy state will lead to additional cleaning costs which may be recovered from the hirer’s deposit.
The hirer will be expected to comply with best practice guidance notes for food preparation.
Caterers must remove all empty containers and bottles and the hirer will be held responsible for ensuring strict compliance with this rule. Rubbish and all food waste must be removed from the Hall and taken away.
The kitchen has a small fridge; if there is a need for more cold space, the hirer must provide cool boxes.
Colour coded chopping boards; these are provided for hirer’s use to maintain food hygiene standards and prevent damage to work surfaces.
9.Damage and Personal Loss.
The hirer is responsible for the cost of repair/replacement for any breakage/damage which occurs.
Should a fire extinguisher be tampered with or discharged other than for an emergency, the hirer will be responsible for its repair or replacement and for any damage so caused.
The Committee will not accept liability for personal loss of or damage to any personal property left in the Hall or car park at any time.
10.Car Parking.
Hirers are asked to ensure that people attending the Hall, park their cars so as not to cause any inconvenience to other road users and not obstruct the Fire Assembly Points.
11.Lighting & Heating.
The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all lighting and electrical fan heating systems are turned off after a function. Failure to do this could result in a surcharge.
12.Keys and Security.
The keys are held by the Bookings Administrator, with whom the arrangements for collection should be made. The hall must be kept locked when it is not in use and especially when the function has finished. Failure to return the keys promptly may result in an additional fee being levied.
(Updated 1 December 2014)
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