100 Hz to 10 MHz Signal Generator

Here is a project based on the DDS-25. It's a complete signal generator that covers 100 Hz to 10.8 MHz and drives a 50 ohm load at signal levels from -120 to 0 dBm in 0.2 dB steps.

The generator can be built with either a color LCD touchscreen display or controlled using a computer via USB port. All components are readily available from on-line retailers and the PC controlled version can be built for about $100 and the LCD version for about $160. The Bill of Material (BOM) is posted at the bottom of this page.

All components are available from Mouser with the exception of the PCB and the DDS-25 module which are available from HobbyPCB.

The following pages contain the reference material for the project:

Many builders are interested in building the generator with the MDS DDS-60 to extend the frequency coverage to 60 MHz. I've started the DDS-60 Integration Page to capture info about using the DDS-60

If you are building the LCD version, make sure to order the LCD Starter Kit (Mouser #971-SK-24PTU) which includes the $20 programming adapter for only $5! If you've already ordered the display without the starter kit you can contact me and I can loan you a programmer, I have a bunch of them.

Apr 22, 2015, 9:19 AM