Welcome to my teaching & research philosophies page. 
I am a Postdoctoral Scholar in the department of psychology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I have been a teaching assistant to courses on scientific inquiry and research methods, a guest lecturer for a few courses and have worked as a content expert in teaching new lab members on usage of tools within the Locomotor Rehabilitation and Robotics Lab. I am also an American Heart Association pre-doctoral fellowship recipient and I spend most of my time researching psycho-social adaptations for individuals with chronic pain.

When I am not in the lab conducting research or working with students I enjoy working on strength training and watching historical action anime.
Here I discuss my teaching philosophy in how I have used research methods and setting SMART goals to become a better teacher. Additionally, I reflect on changes I have observed over the course of the past year in my teaching methodology.

Goals and Accomplishments
I discuss my current goals for the term and my accomplishments for the recent years.

Danielson's Four Domains of Teaching
Evidence of domain proficiency. I break down the important aspects of a teacher's responsibilities that have been demonstrated to promote improved student learning. 
Domain 1: Planning and Preparation. How I  organize the content of what students are expected to learn or how I design instruction.
Domain 2: Classroom Environment.  How I interact in the classroom in ways that are non-instructional. How I create an environment of respect and rapport among students, establishing a culture for learning, management of classroom procedures, student behavior, and organization of the physical space.
Domain 3: Instruction. How I communicate accurately and clearly, utilization of  questioning and discussion techniques, engagement of students in learning, providing feedback to students, and demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness.
Domain 4:  Professional Responsibilities. What are my responsibilities outside of the classroom? This includes maintaining accurate records, communication with families, contributing to the university, growth and development professionally, and showing professionalism.

Research Philosophy
Here I reflect on my research philosophy in rehabilitation science by the systematic study of the improvement, restoration, and maintenance of motor function of individuals with limitations in motor functioning through research, teaching, and translation of discoveries into practice. I also address current research projects.

LocoLab Feedback
Here are some of my current forms, assessments, and projects that I am working on to improve learning in our research lab.

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