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I was born and raised in Michigan, lived in Washington, D.C. and nearby Maryland for eleven years, and relocated to San Diego in 1970.  I have traveled in North America, Europe, China, and the Caribbean Islands.


My keen interest in art developed when I lived in Washington, D.C., where I spent considerable time prowling the National Gallery of Art and D.C.’s many other art galleries.  In my travels I have always sought out the famous and the little-known galleries.  My gallery prowling has continued in Southern California in San Diego and Los Angeles.  While I longed to be able to create art like I viewed, it never occurred to me that I might have any artistic talent.  It was not something I had gravitated toward in school.


In the summer of 2003 I served as a dorm mom at Tech Trek at UCSD.  While herding my junior high school girls to their various activities I was able to observe a demonstration of Japanese watercolor.  The beauty and technique fascinated me and prompted me to buy a book on painting Asian-style art.  This was with the intention of trying my hand at it, but I discovered I was too wary of attempting it for fear I would find I had no talent. In January, 2004, I saw an ad for and enrolled in Nancy Oleksa’s transparent watercolor class given through Palomar College.  To my surprise and delight, I did find I had a bit of talent.  I have continued to the present in Nancy’s classes, and although I have yet to try Asian watercolor, perhaps I still will.


I have often wondered what I would do when I finally retire, and now I know, I will be painting. My life in scenic Michigan, in beautiful Washington, D.C.and sunny Southern California, as well as my world travel, has left me with many photographs and experiences that I want to paint.


My greatest inspiration is that my son, who has a degree in graphic design and is a high school art teacher, likes my work and has a number of my paintings hanging in his home.




I will be happy to discuss accepting a commission to paint the piece of art work you would like to have.  Please contact me at or