Welcome to the Research Web-Page for:

Douglas Dow,  Professor in Business Strategy

Centre for the Practice of International Trade,  Melbourne Business School


Purpose of this site:

This web page is designed for two purposes: 

The first, and more general purpose of this web-site is to help publicize my research efforts, and thereby encourage and facilitate collaboration with other international business (IB) researchers.  While I obviously have to be somewhat selective in

who I collaborate with, I encourage any enquiries from serious researchers in the field of international business.

The second, and more specific purpose of this web-site is to make available to other international business researchers, the various indicators of psychic distance which were first cited in a paper I presented at the July 2004 Academy of International Business Annual conference in Stockholm.  This paper has been subsequently published in the Journal of International Business Studies (v37-5, 2006, pp 578-602).  These same scales are also employed in papers I have presented at numerous AIB and EIBA conferences over the past few years, as well as in papers published in the Journal of International Marketing, the Management International Review and the International Business Review.  While all of these indicators are variations (to greater and lesser degrees) of already publicly available data, some of the manipulations to achieve composite difference scores amongst nations are quite substantial; and I believe there is value in making them available from one source.  Researchers are encouraged to download these datasets and use them in their research, provided it is appropriately acknowledged and referenced.

Please note that as of 4 February 2010, the data sets has made available via this page have been expanded to cover a total of 120 countries.  Good luck.