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F10 Help

Note - following instruction use Windows 10 desktop's screen shots, but these are applicable for both desktop and mobile. This is the way of UWP :)

Manage favorite boards

To add the boards:

1. Click the 'Add/Remove boards' button, then select the bbs - 4chan or futaba.

Click 'Add/Remove Boards'

2. Board manage dialog opened. Enter the name of  board to adding. Auto-complete is enabled.

Enter the part of the name, then select from suggestions

3. Auto-complete feature is disabled for 'NSFW' boards. To adding it, you need to enter the full name.

Enter the full name of the board :)

Change accent color and theme

Accent Color

F10 use the OS accent color for catalog and other part. To change the accent color, open OS's (not F10!) Settings > Personalization > Colors.

Blue, Green, Red


You can choose 'dark' or 'light' theme. To apply the changes, you need to close F10, then reopen it.

1. Open F10's settings.

Open F10 settings

2. Choose the theme.

3. Click 'Close now'.

4. Re-open F10. Theme is changed.


- You can drag & drop the file from Explorer to F10 for attach the image file. But, drag & drop is inhibit from Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer browser. This is a limitation of current uwp framework.

- To playing WebM, you need to install the video player that support WebM. Following VLC players can play WebM.

VLC for Windows Store ( Win10 Desktop / Win8.1)

- If you attempt to submit a post to futaba, you may see the following error message.

'not jp' error

This is because futaba does not allow the post or thread submission from outside of japan.