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DDI Information Model Task Force

Upcoming Meeting Dates: - NOTE: work on this project is coming to a close. Please email Rich Boyce with any questions.
  • All-Team meeting:
    • TBD
  • Editorial sub-team meeting
    • TBD
  • Development sub-team:
    • TBD
  • Content sub-team:
    • TBD 

Objectives:  One of the goals of the task force is to develop a minimal information model for drug interaction evidence and knowledge as part of an HIT standard like HL7. The task force is volunteer-based, and formed within the Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group that operates publicly through the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

W3C HCLS IG Lead:  Richard D. Boyce, PhD,

AMIA Pharmacoinformatics WG Lead: Jodi Schneider, PhD.

Participants:  Task force contact list

Meeting schedule: In process - meeting information will be posted as soon is it is available.

Meeting minutes: Task Force Meeting Minutes (Google doc)

Initial proposed task force activities:
  1. Clarify definitions for the minimum information items recommended by prior AHRQ drug interaction conference series
    1. clinical consequences
    2. frequency of exposure
    3. frequency of harm
    4. contextual information/modifying factors
    5. evidence
    6. mechanism of the interaction
    7. recommended actions (e.g., consider alternatives that have been vetted)
    8. seriousness rating
  2. Propose additional attributes that further specify information relevant for each of the seven information items (e.g., "what is the basic information that should be provided when discussing clinical consequences, frequency of harm and exposures, etc.)
  3. Create deliverables using an interesting and non-trivial set of potential drug-drug interactions:
    • Data Model: A data model (schema) for potential drug interaction knowledge and evidence
    • Vocabulary: A precise vocabulary describing/defining the data model
    • Serializations: one or more serialization formats of the abstract data model, such as Structured Product Labeling (HL7 CDA), JSON/JSON-LD)
    • Demonstration of how the minimum information model can support medication reconciliation
  4. Create a foundation for further collaborative work by disseminating results through an interest group note, a website, and an online discussion forum