Playing D&D at PAX Prime 2013

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Prime is a massive 4-Day gaming convention in Seattle Washington USA on Labor Day weekend (8/30-9/2/2013). The events listed below are running at PAX this year are free to attendees.

D&D Events will once again be in the Dungeon. This is our affectionate name for the basement/lower-level of Pike Street Annex (now called the Conference Center) across the street from the convention center. The Dungeon is easily accessible from the street at 8th and Pike or from the main show floor by an Escalator and then down the elevator.

We will have tons of D&D games, boardgames, and the new Dungeon Command miniatures for all to play.

PAX Prime 2013 D&D Events Map

Special Events at PAX

DM’s Challenge: Mines of Madness
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 7pm

This year we have something a little different. First, this event uses D&D Next. Second, the adventure is provided. Lastly, we are running it three times during the convention. Join us to once again pick the top DM in the challenge.

Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport Tournament
Entry Rounds: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 11 am
Semifinal Round: Sunday 3 pm
Final Round: Monday 11 am

Compete against other players using the brand new expansion. Three-round competition, top players from the entry rounds will proceed to the semi-finals. Final round on Monday uses both sides of the expansion board for an exciting finale.

D&D Next
All the table top RPG events we are running at PAX Prime feature the new D&D Next Playtest rules. Don't worry if you haven't play Next before, we'll provide you with everything you need to play at our tables at PAX.