Other Celebrations and Rites

Celebrating your life. that's what our rites, ceremonies and celebrations are about. Let us assist you in designing and conducting ceremony to celebrate the major miles stones in your life...baby blessings, coming of age, weddings and commitments and funerals and memorials....
Baby Blessings

In the past decade, baby blessings — which can be an alternative to a traditional baptism or christening — have become more popular among couples of different faiths and those who may not have ties to a church. One benefit, say families, is that they can be tailored to exactly reflect the parent’s wishes — and help quell family requests for a church welcoming.

Coming of Age

Coming-of-age ceremonies are held when a child or youth becomes recognized as an adult for the first time. These rituals were and are found in almost all aboriginaland indigenous societies. In modern times, the transition into adulthood often happens without a formal, public celebration.We should celebrate these major life milestones and we can help.


The Rites of Passage Institute of Cleveland, OH notes that: "The final entrance into adulthood has been provided from time immemorial by the 'coming of age' ceremony. Like the other major life chronicle ceremonies accompanying birth, marriage and death, the coming of age ceremony located the individual anew within the surrounding community and indeed with the universe as a whole.


We will work with you to develop a rite customized to the wishes and traditions of your family...or to create new family traditions.

Funerals and Memorials

A funeral is a ceremony marking and celebrating a person's life. Funerals or memorials are the final and one of the lasting memories that you will have of a loved one.


Customs for funerals, memorials and requiems are a complex mix of beliefs and practices to remember and celebrate a loved one. These customs vary as widely as the individual they are to celebrate. We can and will be there with you throughout the whole process and will plan a ceremony with the level of dignity your loved one deserves. We will also honor all requests for celebration and embrace a ceremony that reflects the life and lifestyle of the individual and family.