Milonga Zandunga - Mondays

Capital Ballroom
7800 Wisconsin Avenue (2nd Floor)
Bethesda, MD 20814
Metro: Bethesda


Current Schedule
  Beginner Class & Guided Practica w/ Rick Kim every Monday

Intermediate Class

  February 20th, 27th : Ramu Pyreddy

Regular Schedule Milonga Details:

What : Milonga Zandunga on Mondays
When : Class 8:00pm-9:15pm   (2 simultaneous classes - Free Beg. & Int./Adv.) Milonga 9:15pm - ?? (Last tanda after midnight)
Where : 7800 Wisconsin Avenue (2nd Floor) Bethesda, MD 20814 Metro: Bethesda
Host/DJ : Ramu Pyreddy
Cost : Class - Beginners Class by Rick Kim (free)
Int./Adv. Class: $10+ ($10 when Ramu & Bella are teaching)
Milonga - $10 ($5 for FULL-time students with ID)                ($5 for Class participants)

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Tangueros of all levels and styles are welcome.
We have plenty of room for all. The floor is HUGE at Capital Ballroom.

Reserve a table for you and your friends - make it your own.
Bring whatever makes your party, make a picnic with your friends, 
have a good time in general.

Capital Ballroom is a 5 min walk from Bethesda Metro Station
on the Red line and is easily accessed from the Beltway
with plenty of street parking in Bethesda entertainment

On streets: metered till 10pm;
Garage across from Houston's (7730 Woodmont Ave.)
is free if you leave after midnight (No garage attendants; gates open)
Leaving between 10:00pm and midnight: Charged for the time until 10:00pm

More info -
Phone : 571-309-8957

About Ramu:
Ramu took his first tango lesson on April 27th, 2000 in Buenos Aires
and was hooked instantly. He still has the same excitement for the
dance and his love for the music and the dance continues to grow.

To share that passion with his friends and colleagues, he started 
Michigan Argentine Tango Club @ the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor 
and was actively involved in growing it into a community that is now well
known for its excellent social dancing skills.

Ramu has since danced, DJd and taught all over the US and Canada.
His teaching and dancing are characterized by a keen musical 
interpretation, infectious enthusiasm and a deep love of the music
and the dance that is fanatic. He teaches tango for the social dance
floor with an emphasis on connection, musicality and improvisation. 
He is one of the most knowledgeable and sought after tango DJ's in
the US and has been a featured DJ at most tango festivals in the US.

Currently, he lives in Washington DC where he is the host, DJ and
resident teacher at Milonga Zandunga, one of DC's popular milongas.
Ramu is available for private lessons in Arlington, VA & Bethesda, MD.

About Bella:
Growing up in Russia, Bella wanted to be a ballerina. As her
academically-minded parents objected, she studied other things but still
managed to experiment with ballroom, salsa, flamenco, folk and modern
dance. Then there was that life changing event, a tango perfomance by a
group from Buenos Aires which led to a series of tango classes, nightly
dancing and a trip to Buenos Aires... And the tango obsession took over.

Bella loves that tango is an endless discovery of many things: body
awareness, music, partner connection and she enjoys the sport and the
art of it. Bella is one of the most sought after dancers in DC and has been
teaching in DC for a number of years. She has been partnering with Ramu
since 2009 and is the resident teacher @ Milonga Zandunga.  

Bella is 
available for private lessons in Falls Church, VA & Bethesda, MD.  
he can be reached at

About Rick Kim:
Rick found tango by accident in 2008. He has been dancing, DJing, and
teaching since then. Rick's beginner class has the following philosophy:
Tango is a dance of polarity, of the masculine and the feminine. Dancing
tango socially for a song is, basically, spending a moment with your partner
under the music and with other dancing couples. Enjoying tango dancing
does not require athletic skills of a professional performer. Standing right,
embracing right, walking right, and understanding the basics of marking are
all that are needed to enjoy dancing tango. With food as an analogy, it is
already a basic but nice meal. The beginner class teaches how to make
that basic but nice meal. Also, social tango dancing has unique codes
of conduct which were developed for the best interest of everyone involved.
The beginners class teaches these codes as well. 

Updated February 20, 2017

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