Milonga de Las Fiestas

Capital Ballroom
7800 Wisconsin Avenue (2nd Floor)
Bethesda, MD 20814
Metro: Bethesda

Milonga de Las Fiestas

Hello All,

Join us on Christmas Day afternoon 1-5pm for some good times in good company to celebrate the holidays and end of the year. 

Kids are not only welcome but STRONGLY encouraged. 
We will "cordon off" one half of the room for the kids to play and the adults to mingle. 
Please bring their favorite toys/games to share with other kids. 
Non-dancing friends & family members (visiting or otherwise) are welcome too! 

Bring a dish to share. Preferably homemade. 
Finger foods are best.
NO chips/soda/store-bought-cookies. 

$10/adult (dancers only).
Bring any beverages of your choice. 
We will provide coffee, water, cups, plasticware and paperplates. 

Oh and there will be dancing too! (in the other half of the room) 
Yours sincerely will be the DJ. 

Christmas day parking is FREE on the streets and in the garage. 

Happy holidays! 

Address: 7800 Wisconsin Avenue Bethesda, MD 20814 
Metro: Bethesda (red line) 

Ramu Pyreddy

Updated November 18, 2018

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