Eastern Market Tango Club

Eastern Market, North Hall

225 7th Street, SE
Washington, DC  20003


7th and North Carolina Ave., SE

Metro: Eastern Market (Blue/Orange)
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Eastern Market Tango Club

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To confront the spread of COVID-19 head on, we have chosen to suspend public tango activities temporarily. Eastern Market milonga + Sunday classes at the Gym are on spring break. Dasha and I will post updates online regularly about their status.


Thursday Milonga and Classes

Thursday Evening Schedule:  

7pm Beginner Class ($10)

8pm Intermediate Class ($10)

9pm-12:30am  MILONGA ($12) 

Class details:

Regular schedule:  House Teacher: Jake Spatz, Beginner & Intermediate Class w/ Dasha Khripkova  

Jake & Dasha's Beginner Class  T
hursdays @ 7 pm

Come learn the fundamentals of Argentine tango in this popular program at Eastern Market. Newcomers who started in last year's program are now talented dancers in Washington, and you can do the same. Each week we review the core material thoroughly and develop your dancing for the social floor, where you get your real experience in tango.

Beginner classes are designed for new dancers, and you can join at any time. We cover all the essential vocabulary of traditional tango, so that you can get to the social floor early and dance with confidence:

-- First steps and the Embrace
-- Basic walking patterns
-- The Cross
-- The 8 Count Basic
-- Ochos: forward and back
-- Turns and the "ocho cortado"
-- Floorcraft (dancing well around others)

This is the core of the tango, and it's all you need to succeed on the social floor and have a great time dancing!

Jake & Dasha's Intermediate Class Thursdays @ 8 pm 

Intermediate classes build a more elaborate and elegant dance out of themes and material covered in the Beginner series. Every series of classes develops one core concept, and works toward a different variation, to give you the best combination of consistency and variety. Recent themes, which we explore for 4-8 weeks, have included: 

-- Turns with 1-3 sacadas
-- Cadenas ("braided" steps)
-- The calesita
-- Social colgadas (spins)
-- Boleos and ganchos
-- Decorated figures 

These are the time-tested figures that dancers have grown with for decades. Once you're comfortable on the social floor, these classes are the best way to take your technique and ability to the next level.

Check  https://www.facebook.com/groups/122428374626593/ for details, guest teachers, performances, and any special event pricing or hours.

First Saturday Milonga      

Beginner Class 9-10pm ($10)

Milonga 10pm-2am ($15)

Regular schedule House Teacher: Jake Spatz, Beginner & Intermediate Class w/ Dasha Khripkova  

Check  https://www.facebook.com/groups/122428374626593/ for details, guest teachers, performances, and any special event pricing or hours.

Eastern Market Venue

If you are from the DC area and have not made it to this tango venue, or are like those from out of town who call wanting more information about the milonga, let me just say Eastern Market is an historic 140 year old building with 12' high arched windows on three sides and a cavernous 50'ceiling. At each Milonga we offer fresh fruit, cheeses, sesame thin crackers, and 70% dark chocolate. The space--North Hall--is a Capitol Hill Community Art Center.

So, See you Thursdays and 1st Saturdays on the dance floor @ Eastern Market Tango Club.  Join us on Facebook: "Eastern Market Tango Club".

Dress is casual. 

Plenty of Free Parking right outside the door.

Contact Information

Contact: Jake Spatz(703) 946-8895, spatz@tangoDC.com 


Sunday Classes

Also consider our Sunday classes at Capitol Hill Sport and Health!

Updated March 11, 2020

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