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Geist Force Finished by Assemblergames:

Title - Geist Force
Japanese Title - ガイスト フォース
Developer - Rabbit Punch / Sega
Catalogue No. - 
Type - 3D Shooter

Geist Force is a game that was going to be a launch title for the Dreamcast in Japan. It is believed to be the first Dreamcast game in development; before the final Dreamcast specs were finalized.

Despite the early development, Geist Force was never released. Legend has it that Bernie Stolar (one-time Sega of America president) said the game wasn’t good enough for a launch title and canceled it. Another story is that the game wasn’t released because Sega Japan was not “impressed” with the game. This may be true since the game is basically Panzer Dragoon set in a Sci-Fi world rather than a fantasy world as seen in the Panzer Dragoon games. Yet another factor may have been that Sega’s US and Japanese divisions were always bickering and this game could have been a victim of this scenario.

Geist Force was developed by a US Sega team under the name of Rabbit Punch and featured CG movies by Netter Digital Entertainment (NDEI), the team behind the effects in the 90’s TV show, Babylon 5. The game went through a lot of changes over the years of it's development. Geist Force was originally intended to be released December 10th, 1998 in Japan. The game couldn’t be finished in time for a Japanese release so it was rescheduled for a US launch title on the September 9th 1999.

Jump to the year 2011, Assemblergames purchase the unfinished build from March 1999. They made the unfinished game playable and released it in 2012. Only the 1st stage seems to be complete but still buggy. Stage 2 looks like it’s well in to development but yet to be finished. Stage 3 can’t be accessed (as of yet) and stage 4 only lets you progress for about 10 seconds before you hit an unavoidable hill resulting it your ship getting stuck. Stage 5 has a very long real time introduction however there is no collision detection on this stage allowing you to fly right through all the scenery. The stage ends as you come to an entrance of what seems to be a tunnel leading downwards. Stage 6 is very early in development. So early that it has no ground, walls, mountains, or anything. Only 2 poorly textured big ships and one un-textured battle ship. If the names of the disc files are anything to go by this ship should be the Queen Battle ship that you battle against at the end of the game.

It's a shame that Geist Force was never completed but at least all these years later we can finally sample what it may have had to offer being it is not a complete game.  Check out the high quality image gallery and video in the links at the top of this page for some Geist goodness.

Source: http://www.segagagadomain.com


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