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This page is for the things people claim exist, but we have not seen work or not even at all. Anyone with any "real" evidence, please submit to DCSurvivors@gmail dot com. I spelled "dot" to keep spammers away.



CASE #1: Spiderman 2 on Dreamcast

Well, I just saw this along with a great deal of unclear postings. It refers to a "BLEEMED" copy and yet no real mention if you have to have the original Playstation 1 game or not. If it is bleemed, then what version of "BLEEM" do you need (I understand there's blue, orane yellow and so on versions)? Anyone able to shed light on this?



CASE #2: Half-Life Opposing Force on Dreamcast

I have been downloading ISO after ISO and come up with the same result - nothing. This is uncommon for me to experience, so this is where I stand. I've had bad/corrupt file downloads and worse, a brand new CD coaster. Did anyone have better luck?