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  Welcome to the new site for those who still have a great amount of love for the Dreamcast and do not know where else to turn! The reason we started this page is to show that there is still people out there who still truely care about the Dreamcast that Sega abandoned. We hope this site can help you do everything from get online with your Dreamcast as well as play your offline games. We hope that our many years of knowledge about the Dreamcast will help those left that are in need. 

We also have had our forum up now {since June 13, 2008}, visit it if you are interested please:


Our forum is not just about Dreamcast, you are allowed to discuss other Online gaming about different consoles. We are not a one dimenional place. Just make sure, when you do make a post, it i appropriate and related to a game system or game, or anything related to gaming.

Most of our forum member are very into Quake III Arena ad Phantasy Star Online. We are wroking on getting our own Q3 server up as well. We usually play every Friday or Saturday night if we are free, so even if you not wish to be a part of the forum, please feel free to join in on our game.