2012 Nonprofit Solar Bulk Purchase Program

DC SUN is organizing a bulk purchase program for DC organizations interested in going solar. Any local nonprofit, community organization, church, or small business is eligible to participate.

Click here to sign up for the bulk purchase or for more information


Click here to help DC nonprofits and small business go solar and save money!

What is a bulk purchase?

A group of organizations goes through the process of purchasing solar systems together. Work is done by a single installer selected by the group. Each organization has its own system installed and pays separately, but they all benefit from the bulk purchase.

Why a bulk purchase?

Save money

  • Economies of scale enable the installers to purchase panels for less
  • Larger projects attract more bids, increasing competition and driving prices down
  • We have more negotiating power because we’ve created a larger project

Make it easier to go solar

  • Have support of DC SUN and other organizations through process
  • Don’t have to navigate multiple bids and scenarios independently

Increase fundraising potential

  • Large projects attract the attention of donors and press

How does the process work?

  • Register here to get more information or join the process:
  • Attend an informational meeting on Monday, May 21st from 8:00-9:30.
  • Decide if your organization intends to implement a solar system.
    • Hold internal consultations and/or meetings with DC SUN as needed.
  • Sign a Letter of Intent by Friday, May 25th stating you would like to be included in the bulk purchase RFP.
  • Develop and implement a fundraising campaign in partnership with DC SUN, if desired.
  • DC SUN solicits bids on behalf of group.
  • Selection Committee reviews bids and selects best solar installer.
  • Each participating organization signs an individual contract with the chosen installer.
  • Systems installed.
  • Celebrate new solar systems via community outreach.

How do I get involved?

Contact Anya Schoolman at DC SUN