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Meeting Times Changed Back to 6:00pm.

posted Sep 1, 2012, 11:03 AM by DCSOA Commissioner   [ updated Feb 12, 2013, 1:17 PM ]
(revised Feb 12, 2013) Meetings are the First and Third Thursdays of each month at 6:00pm at the Fir Grove Soccer Building in Roseburg.  This is to accomodate refs who have games on those days.  Please make a note of this change in your calendar.

As an OSAA Local Association, we're required to complete a minimum of 6 regular training sessions or 10 hours of training per sports season.  See Rule 3 in the Athletic Officials Handbook.

This same rule applies to OSAA officials.  To be an OSAA Soccer Official, you must a few things every year: pay your registration fees, pass the NFHS Soccer Rules test, attend a minimum 10 hours of training or 6 training sessions per sports season (that means completed by December 1).  See Rule 4 in the OSAA Athletic Officials Handbook for a complete list of requirements.

So, you have 2 choices.  You can either attend the 10-hour training session (good for new refs, or those who have been away from refereeing for some time), or you can come to 6 of these regular, 1-hour meetings.  Either of those will satisfy the annual training requirement for OSAA officials.

Also, there is a requirement for Officials Certification and Education Program (OCEP) Principles training to be completed by all OSAA referees (for all sports) within the first 3 years of becoming a High School sports official.  We'll be using some of our regular meetings to do the OCEP training.  My plan is to break the OCEP training up over multiple training sessions, but more on that later.  By the way, if you have been OSAA registered since before 2006, you do not need the OCEP Principles course.