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Trip log:  

Adventures with a 2006 Seadoo Sportster and
towing it with a front wheel drive car...

06 Sept 2008 - Fraser River, Pitt River, Pitt Lake

  • What turned out to be our last trip of the season was fantastic. Dad and I launched at Richmond MacDonald park and filled the tank around the bend at Vancouver Marina. We headed up river under Arthur Laing, Oak St, Knight St, Queensborough, Patullo, and Port Mann bridges. We hung a left after Port Mann and went up Pitt River to Pitt Lake. There are two possible fuel stops in Pitt river if you need it. One on the east side just north of Pitt River Bridge and one on the West side about 5 km south of Pitt Lake. We spent 10 minutes on Pitt Lake and returned to the Gillnetter Pub for a late lunch on this sunny and warm September day. We blasted back down the river to Richmond. A gread day was had by all. Route Map

16 Aug 2008 - Fraser River

  • Launched at Maquabeek Park (Port Mann bridge, Coquitlam side) at about 9 am. Parking lot was empty. Had a good day on the river and explored the south arm to Ladner where the waves picked up so I chickened out going to Steveston- also the Police boat was in the area so I turned around (don't have my numbers on yet). The river was reasonably clean (between Alex Fraser and south to the concrete factory had the most debris floating). Then we travelled north to the Pitt River entrance, tied up and Gillnetters Pub and had lunch. Recovered the boat about 1pm from Maquabeek. The launch ramp was very busy. Recovered FWD at low tide no problem. Ramp has good traction all the way down. The floating dock has space for ONE boat only! Very inconvenient.

11-27 July 2008 - Summer Vacation - Cariboo

  • We trailered the boat ~ 400 km to our favorite summer lake and got 2 weeks of great weather. We burnt 230 litres of fuel and put about 13 hours on the engine. Launched and retrieved and towed up to the cariboo and back again with no problems. The hydroturf was a big hit- nice soft feeling under the feet.

30 June 2008 - Alouette Lake

  • We got to Alouette Lake launch ramp about 11:30 am, a bit behind schedule. The area was busy, but not crazy busy like it was at Chilliwack lake, August long weekend 2007. There was still ample parking in the boat launch and car parking area's. I personally expected it to be busier. Outhouse is located near the launch ramp but there is not one at the boat trailer parking lot.

    The Ramp facilities were nice and paved the whole way and allowed for about 3 launch operations at the same time. About 5-6 pm was the busiest period. We opted to stay till about 7:30 pm and retrieval was a cinch. The ramp was wet but was no problem pulling the boat out with FWD.

    It was fun to explore the lake, it is long and narrow and the wind blows south to north up the lake. Toward mid afternoon and evening the wind blew up. I was hoping it would abate around 6pm, but on Monday it did not do that.

    We enjoyed the day and found several places to anchor and have lunch. We went for a swim from the boat, the water temperature was cool, but once you get used to it, it is nice. There were lots of boat in beach campers- it looked like all the beaches were taken, but, I didn't see the excessive squatting like I had read about on some of the hiking forums. There was slightly more floating debris in the North end of the north section of the lake. All in all not too much to watch out for. Only saw about 2 other jet skiers. We saw only two other small seadoo boats.

    The lake must be very deep. We attempted to anchor about 10 feet from shore and with 15 feet of chain and 15 feet of rope we didn't hit bottom. We had to anchor about 5 feet from shore! There were some stumps but totally avoidable to the aware boater.

    It was hot, there was lots of action on the water. We ended up anchoring the boat off a beach between the rental and launch ramps and went ashore for some shade for a couple hours. Great day.

14 & 15 June 2008 - Harrison Lake

  • We had a fantastic weekend at Harrison Lake. Saturday morning started off cool and mostly cloudy with a breeze. We put the boat in and the four of us toured up cascade bay and around echo island. Toward mid day the water had kicked up a little.

    In the afternoon we went down Harrison river from the lake all the way toward Kilby Park- the river had calmer water than the lake. It was so much fun going down the river. A little scary though since we knew nothing accept that the water level was high- lucky for us. This may not have been so easy in July/August when the water drops. We had a few brief sunny breaks. Very rewarding.

    Sunday morning was sunny and the lake was flat, we went for a nice spin with the 4 of us. It was a beautiful morning. As usual it seems the wind kicks up around noon. About 2 pm my wife and I anchored behind Echo island in a sheltered area and enjoyed the rays. Then it was time to go home. The supercharger sounds awesome at 6k rpm. Most of the day I cruised at about 5.2k rpm and about 1/2 the time had 4 ppl on board. Total run time was 2.75 hours at about 51 litres of fuel. Thats about 18.5 L/hour or 4.9 GPH average. We traveled 88 km total. So that is about 58 L/100 km! To make the run up to the end of the lake (65 km one way) means I would need about 75 L and my tank is 80. It is doo-able but very close. If I were to do a lake run I'd take extra fuel cause I am the cautious sort. The second day we did about 1.5 hours but the GPS battery was dead so I didn't get a good log of hours nor did I fillup when done.

    Here are some stats:
    -as far as I can tell there are at least 3 boat launch opportunities: Public ramp in the village has 2 concrete ramps. $16 fee includes parking for the day, there is an attendant on duty. Go early, it is busy. Launch on the left, retrieve on the right. If you don't the attendant will harass you. We waited about 20 minutes to retrieve Sunday afternoon.

    -I didn't get a GPS waypoint, but up just a little bit beyond the Killer Cove gas bar is what looks to be a gravel beach/launch area.

    -Beyond that is Sasquatch park with one concrete launch ramp.

    -Premium fuel was 1.449 at Killer cove gas bar. (139.9 reg on shore)

    -Winds usually kick up about 11am and die off 6 pm

    -the spa is really really nice

    -there are boat-in camping opportunities it seems. This gets me excited.

    -At the Killer Cove Boat rental marina in front of the Hot Springs Resort you can tie up over night for $1 per foot.

    -At the public float you can tie up 1st come first served and stay over night with a village permit, but I have no idea where to get that permit.

    -We picked up about 10 km/h with the greenwheel + 14-19R prop, +SS wear ring + new SS washers (thanks Chester). I GPS'd a 90.2 km/h. Last summer all I could get was 80 km/h but that was at 3500 ft. Time for the 4" intake. Where do I buy silicone elbows locally?

    -The lake temp was still cold.

    -We only saw the odd piece of floating wood. Not hair-raising like the Fraser river.

    -Down river from the lake about 8 km is Rowena's Inn (possibly an old name) and a Sandpiper Golf resort. They have a float and a restaurant and very quaint guest house.

    -A further 7 km (apx.) down river is Kilby Prov. Park with a single concrete launch ramp and apx. 15-20 campsites. Sign's posted no PWC launching. Bummer for you guys. We didn't go any further toward the mighty Fraser.

    -I wish I took more pictures. sorry, this will be a text only report.

    -Cost of gas in Harrison village is the same as Agassiz and Popkum. Diesel however was 2 cents cheaper. Yay, I saved $1.20- did I mention I HATE stations where you cannot pay at the pump- now we have to pay before you fill means waiting inline twice. I HATE THIS are you listening BC Govt???

    -There are several nice green grass camping opportunities right in or right near Harrison village. We stayed at Glencoe motel & RV park and had a nice thick grass site for our tent. Though it was right at the intersection of the main road so it was a bit noisy. We might find a better place next time- however, next time I will seriously consider boat-in camping as I saw several groups doing that. 


  •  Launched at MacDonald beach and cruised from the mouth of the Fraser to New West Quay. Floating debris and wood was very minimal. Nice sunny weather. Sucked in one piece of wood and it spat out right away when I goosed it. Too bad there is no public dock at New West. We wanted to stretch the legs and stop for lunch. We ended up stopping on Poplar Island, getting our feet nice and muddy and eating lunch on a nice log. 


  • Performed pre-season maintenance. Changed ceramic S/C washers to stainless steel. Installed greenwheel S/C turbine. Installed Solas 14/19R prop and Riva SS wear ring. Performed oil and filter change. Need to buy back up spark plugs,spare oil and filter and fogging oil for season end. Must remember to install new 3" SS hose clamp. Plan to buy parts for a 4" intake.


  • Trailer to Chilliwack lake, we braved and survived the long weekend at Chilliwack Lake's gorgeous white sand beach. It was HOT! The provincial park was packed. Many people without boat trailers liked to drive down the boat ramp congesting things and making it difficult for those with trailers to get down and turn around. Patience was KEY. Also, I was very nervous about retriving the boat. The ramp itself was not sloped much at all and it had a pad with good open agregate concrete for traction. However, there is a steep hard packed dirt road that descends to the launch ramp area. Retrieving with the front wheel drive Passat went without a hitch. No issues thanks to diesel torque and Nokian traction. Parking was limited and everyone was parking everywhere. Trailers trying to manouver. It was CRAZY! I also managed to weight the boat on the way home. We were very "wet": nearly full tank of fuel, wet life jackets and tubes on board, anchor, tarp etc. for a total of 900 kg incl trailer (1980 lbs). Note that this is quite a bit less than Sea-doos spec weight of 2100 lbs dry on trailer. I bet this boat is under 1900 lbs dry. Passat with 2 adults, camping gear, and trailer tongue was 1930 kg or about 4200 lbs.

18-May to 22-July

  • Trailered the boat 400 km to our favourite lake in the Cariboo where it sat 2 months for us to return. Unfortunately the weather during our week long July vacation left a little to be desired but I figure we put 10 hours on the engine and still managed to enjoy the boat though it was moored 95% of the time due to wind. 


  • Trailered to Wellington Point Park Ladner. Lots of free parking on the gravel lot. Double wide ramp, free launch. Floating wharf on one side. Almost no wharf available for use when tides are lower than 1.0 m. We launched the boat with a ~ 1.5-2 m low tide with not much issue. If it were much lower it would have made it a bit harder.  Saturday was a bit windy on the south arm in the main channel. Side channels were much more smooth but had more wood and had floating homes which wanted us to slow down though they didn't have posted signs. We could not enter Stevenston harbour on the East end of Steveston Harbour Island. 3 ft. rollers were coming up the river so it was too uncomfortable to take my passengers farther into the mouth to get into Steveston Harbour. Lots of debris to avoid on the side channels. We were a bit unfamiliar with the area so we did go to far afoot in our exploration. Weather conditions made the day a bit of a dissapointment. As were were leaving a PWC was putting in. They mentioned they tube off of a nearby island so it might be possible to find a sandy beach somewhere nearby.


  • Launched at MacDonald. < 2 hours. Top up tank at Vancouver Harbour (Richmond). Picked up a small piece of wood in the pump. Application of throttle blew it out. Out beyond siswash island and back.


  • Launched at MacDonald. < 2 hours on the river around to Siwswash island and back. Picked up a small piece of wood; removed from pump with coat hanger back home on trailer. No visible wear ring or impeller damage. Photos.


  • Picked up boat second hand. Trailered ~100 km to Aldergrove for inspection and pre-season maintenance. Photos.