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seadoo -ing near vancouver

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Our Seadoo

2006 Seadoo Sportster SCIC 215 hp, wakeboard tower and bimini just like the photo.
May 2008 modifications:

  • Greenwheel turbine
  • Solas 14/19R impeller
  • Riva Racing SS washers
  • Riva Racing SS wear ring
    Results ---> 88-90 km/h GPS at sea level, cold water, 2ppl, 0.5 ft chop, +3/4 tk fuel. 84 km/h @ 3500 ft elevation (gain 4 km/h). Need to add 4"air intake.

Seadoo Internet Resources

Other Interesting Boat Links

GVRD Jetboating Destinations & E-mail Discussion List

The purpose for creating this page was for me to learn more about local pleasure jet boating opportunities. I have created a Google discussion group which I invite you to sign up and share your knowledge about the local lakes and rivers. What areas are good for skiing and tubing, and which ones are more difficult for jet boat users due to water conditions (weeds/wood) or commercial traffic. 

Boat Launches in BC

My List of GVRD Boat Launches

Click here for an overview of the boat ramps

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  • Sidney Marina ($) (need info)
  • Porteau Cove Boat Ramp ($) (need info)
  • Lion's Bay Marina ($) (need info)
  • Deep Cove ($ + no parking for the trailer) (need info)
  • Cates Park ($) (need info)
  • Vanier Park  ($ - parking)
    AKA Sunset beach, aka Sunset Marina. Two double wide launch ramps with centrol floating wharf. Pay parking.
  • Crescent beach public (need info)
  • Wellington Point Park, Ladner (free)
    Single concrete ramp. Small floating wharf well to the side.
    Huge parking lot. Viewing pier. Successfully recovered jet boat with front wheel drive.
  • Crescent Beach Marina ($)
  • Tsawwassen (Gravel beach)
    Thanks for Kai for this report: Runs beside the Tsawwassen ferry causeway.  The gravel road can be bumpy and good only at high tide.  There is a concrete launch.  Prefer this site to Captain’s Cove (Ladner) if going to the Gulf Islands as it is only about 20 minutes to get across the straight, whereas Captain’s Cove will take you longer to get out through the river. Parking is free but can be crowded and is limited more so now (at least till October) because BC Hydro is using the site as its base for the new power lines that will run to the islands. (Added Aug 2008)

  • Point Roberts (need info)
  • Captain's Cove, Ladner (Free)
    Very limited parking. Long floating wharf, limited capacity concrete ramp. Restricted waterskiing / paddling hours.
  • Steveston ($)
  • MacDonald Beach ($8 incl. parking)
    Two concrete ramps with traction humps, moderate slope, central floating wharf on pilings with tire bumpers right beside ramps. Sheltered. Ample parking. Flush bathrooms, picnic tables, lots of shade. Passenger float. Some Commercial river traffic, some floating debris in river. Successfully recovered jet boat with front wheel drive.
  • Shelter Island Marina (Rmd.)
    At the foot of Graybar road then just east. Ramp was chained and locked. Inquire at Marina office - private? (Added June-2008)
  • Rocky Point Park boat launch (need info)
  • Horseshoe Bay boat launch (need info)
  • Maquabeak Park, Coquitlam BC (Port Mann Bridge)
    Thanks to Graham for this report: Good 1.5 boat width concrete ramp with traction lines. Quite a long back up from the pay parking lot. Ample pay parking for car/trailer.The parking machine seems to be frequently vandalized and non functional. Annual parking pass is $75. Flush washrooms at boat ramp. The bottom of the ramp can be fairly silty and slippery depending on water level. Long dock on the east side of ramp to tie up etc. West side of ramp has a small 1 boat silt/sandy beach to beach your boat if you prefer. Exercise caution with the eddies around the Port Mann bridge pilings, they can really move your PWC around. Fraser river debris can be quite significant. June 2008.
  • "Brownsville Bar" Pattullo Bridge, Surrey side ($10 parking)
  • Mission boat launch (need info)
  • Fort Langley boat launch (free)
    Boat ramp across at the foot of Church St. across the railroad tracks in this general vicinity. 49°10'11.88"N 122°34'24.64"W Thanks to Karl for info. Parking looks very limited. Added June 2008.
    Thanks to Graham for more info about the Fort Langley Launch: Single width boat concrete ramp, with traction lines. Near the bottom of the ramp the concrete is quite broken up, an turns into "concrete rocks" careful when wading in the murky water as these "concrete rocks" are sharp. If the water is low, the trailer tires can be in the silty Fraser making a bit of a challenge for boat removal. Turn around area is pull in and back down, no roundabout. Know how to back your trailer up. Good pre and post   launch temporary  parking area. Two outhouse style washrooms. 5 minute walk to the shops in Fort Langley. 5 minute drive to the Albion ferry - June 2008

  • Ambleside Park boat launch (need more info)
    Reader reports that PWCs are not permitted (May-2008)
  • Barnston Island boat launch (free) exact location unknown (need info)
  • Techmarine boat launch *unconfirmed* ($10) (need info)
  • Barrowtown boat launch (free) (need info)
  • Alouette Lake boat launch
    Good all concrete ramp 4 boats wide. 2 Long docks installed around end of May each year then  removed around end of September each year. Very good parking in the boat lot. $3.00 for all day parking. 5 minute slightly steep trail, walk to boat ramp from boat parking lot. 2 outhouses at the boat ramp. 2 minute boat ride to swimming beach 75+ picnic tables, canoe rentals, flush washrooms etc. Thanks to Graham for the review. (Added June 2008)
  • Cultus Lake Jade Bay (North) (need info)
  • Cultus Lake Maple Bay (South) (need info)
  • Harrison Lake Public Boat Launch
    Two concrete ramps with traction aids and central floating wharf. Very well kept. Public washrooms. $16 for launching and day parking. Located just east of the lagoon. Successfully retrieved with FWD. Very busy at peak times. Launch on the left, Retrieve on the right or face the wrath of the attendant. (Added June 2008).
  • Harrison Lake: Sasquatch Prov. Park
    Single concrete ramp located in the provincial park day use area on Harrison Lake. Viewed from water Jun e2008. Not sure of fee's or ease of parking. No wharf available. Sandy beach for beaching a few meters north of the launch ramp. Concrete blocks flank the ramp making it narrow. One boat at a time. Make sure you are good at backing up. (June 2008)
  • Kilby Park Boat Launch
    Viewed from water June 2008 Single concrete ramp. No PWC launching allowed. 10-20 campsites available. Parking for 20-30 vehicles + trailers. Water was high. Not sure how boat-able this area is late summer.
  • Pitt Lake Marina (Thanks to Karl for info June 2008)
    aka Grant Narrows Regional Park, aka Pitt Lake South
    This is a pay site, I believe power boats pay $10, Canoes and kayaks launch for free.  I'm not sure about PWC.  49°20'56.40"N 122°36'56.82"W
  • Island 22 Park
    I have not been here, google map research only. Added June 2008. Click for more info.
  • Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park
    Successfully recovered jet boat with front wheel drive. See my trip log for more info.

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Boat launches I'd like to get confirmation of location as well as more info:

Old Orchard boat launch, Deroche boat launch, Jesperson boat launch, Gill Rd. boat launch, Peg Leg boat launch.

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Destinations and Boat Launches in Washington State

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