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Designer Bush Scholarship - 2016

This is a chance to win a free rego.

Once again, the DC Red Dress Committee, with the help of an anonymous donor, is offering a “scholarship” to a deserving hasher who can’t necessarily afford the registration fee of the greatest event on the East Coast. This scholarship is memory of Nancy “Designer Bush” West, who passed away in May 2010 after a battle with breast cancer. Designer Bush was among one of the most generous and welcoming hashers any of us has had the pleasure and honor of knowing. She wanted everyone to have a good time and enjoy being a hasher. Her home (and pool!) were always open to visitors, whether they were old friends or new. Her wisdom, hashing and otherwise, was shared with the many, many hashers she welcomed into her life. She looked after her friends, whether it was helping hashers on their first campout, welcoming new neighbors, and providing a shoulder to cry on if things were not super awesome (and a kick in the butt if needed).

Did I mention making sure we were having fun?

We are lucky that so many of us could call her a friend. We miss her a LOT. Honor her memory by doing what she would do at the DC Red Dress Run: Have a ridiculous amount of fun.

How do you win this prestigious (and free!) scholarship? All you have to do is take a few minutes out of your busy day (you know, when you would be facebooking and/ or surfing the interwebz), and provide a short essay (no more than 500 words, because we are busy and kind of lazy when not planning your event). We like funny, but you don't have to be funny to win. Photo essays are always welcome.  

The essay should address the hasher who has inspired YOU. Who is the person who epitomizes hashing to you? Who gives the most to your hash?  Who is the hasher who got  you out of your comfort zone, whether it was someone who helped you hare for the first time, or got you leaving the confines of your home kennel?  Who inspires you to be not only a better hasher, but a better person?

Please submit your essay no later than Sept 15th. Essays should be no longer than 500 words. The winner will be announced Sept 30th. (*Submissions must be by people already signed up for RDR, we will reimburse the winner the cost of their rego)

You've got nothing to lose but a few minutes and a few kind words for a fellow hasher.

King of the Hill
This is a prize for the kennel that brings the most non-DC hashers to DC Red Dress Run. Encourage your friends to sign up because all the registrants from the top three non-DC kennels will get a special giveaway!!

Best Dressed

Think you're hot stuff? The crowd will judge the best dressed male and female wearing red during opening circle.