Welcome to DC Quran Halaqa :)

This is an informal setting with structured format, in which a Sûrah or part of a Sûrah of the Qur'an is addressed each week.

After a successful completion of the Qur'an in revelation-order format, we have decided to restart again in the same order. So starting in August, 2014, we began with "Iqra" or Sûrah al-Alaq, and move through the revelation chapter by chapter in revelation-order.

The purpose of this Halaqa is to gather together to read the Qur'an and reflect on the manifest signs present within it. We encourage discussion and thought provoking conversation. The group is a circle of sorts, with no teacher, and anyone and everyone is welcome to share their personal reflection of the assigned ayahs for that week. Please note that this is an open and safe space where all ideas can be shared, and thus it is likely that participants will have differing viewpoints and conclusions.

  • Location: The GWU Musallah - 800 21st St NW, Washington, DC (George Washington University Marvin Center Room 406)
  • Time: MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY Mondays from 7pm to 8pm (beginning January 2019)
  • To get there: Metro to Foggy Bottom (orange/blue lines). Walk East on I (eye) St NW. The Marvin Center is at the corner of 21st St. and I St. NW. The dedicated muslim space is on the 4th floor in room 406. 

Feel free to contact the following people for more information:
  • Meraj Allahrakha 202-413-9046 - m.allahrakha@gmail.com
  • DC Quran Halaqa - dcquranhalaqa@gmail.com

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800 21st St NW

May God guide us all.. Ameen!

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