DC-PZ is composed of over 450 educators in the District of Columbia metropolitan area who are passionately pursuing Project Zero ideas in their practice. DC-PZ offers professional development gatherings throughout the year. Members of the group come from traditional public, public charter, independent and parochial schools, as well as museums and other education- and arts-related organizations, in and around DC.

The group formed in July 2012 at the Project Zero Classroom (PZC), an annual summer institute held on the campus of Harvard University's Graduate School of Education. There were over 40 educators from DC in attendance at the PZC '12. Eager to keep the ideas alive that they were learning about at the institute, those founding group members decided to stay in touch in an effort to support one another. We have since grown by leaps and bounds.

If you would like to be part of this group and/or receive email notification of upcoming events, please contact Jim Reese, Director of Studies at the Washington International School, at jimreesepz@gmail.com.