DCCX 2014

DAY 1 and  Results can be downloaded here

Day 1 and 2 : http://www.raceworkstiming.com/#!cx-races/c2a1

Photo's from the weekend:

Race: Saturday & Sunday October 18th & 19th. 2 days, 2 excellent courses

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  • Online Registration Deadline: Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014 at 9:00 PM ET

Both Days of DCCX score points in the Super8 Cyclocross Series!

See http://www.super8cx.org/ for series rules and information.  Chip timing provided by Race Works Grupetto for 2014 Super8 series races!

Staging in events with 1/2/3 Racers (Open, Masters, Single Speed) use Cross-Results for online registrants!

DCCX Day 1 Course Preview Video! (reverse of traditional direction). CXHairs.com follows DCCX expert Wes Schempf (SEAVS/Haymarket)http://youtu.be/I5t3pGXq2bU

Check 2014 Super8 standings at Super 8 CX Cross results (used for staging in some categories)

Category Staging Procedure
Cat 4,5 Men (Beginner) Reg Order
Masters Men Cat 3,4,5 Men 35+/45+ Super8, Reg Order
Masters women 45+ 1,2,3,4 ; Super8, Reg Order
Women 4 (Beginner); Reg Order
Junior Boys/Girls 10 – 14, Girls 15-18 Super8, Reg Order
Masters Men 45+ 1,2,3; Cross-Results
U19 Boys Super8, Reg Order
Women Cat 1,2,3; Cross-Results
Women 3/4 Super8, Reg Order
Masters Men 35+ Cat 1,2,3 Cross-Results
Singlespeed 1-5 Cross-Results
Men Cat 3/4 Super8, Reg Order
55+ 1-5 Super8, Reg Order
Men Cat 1/2/3 Cross-Results

Day-of registrants are subject to a $10 fee (except juniors and participants in the Rookie Race) and are staged behind pre-registered racers.

Saturday's start is on Pershing Dr, near the Brick Path. (on the North end of the course)
Sunday's start is adjacent to the grass parking are (on the South end of the course)

DCCX 2014 will once again be announced by CXHairs' Bill Scheiken, the "Svenness" Guy.

The AFRH does NOT allow DOGS on campus, and the guard may deny entry if you try to bring one in- sorry!

Please "Like" us on Facebook and check in for updates. Twitter: @DCMTB_DCCX

* DCCX Cyclocross Clinic, October 17th @ 4:30 pm

* Get ready for two days of fast and fun cyclocross racing with a clinic the day before, compliments of DCMTB and CXHairs.

* The promotors of DCCX are offering a (nearly) FREE clinic at the race venue on Friday October 17th at 4:30pm. (Registration begins at 4:00 on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home).  Beginners have an extra "Rookie Race" option on Saturday afternoon. 

* This clinic is open to people of all ages and cyclocross skill levels, from rookies to experts. The clinic will be divided up, with DC-ChiX clinic led by two local legends.

* Libbey Sheldon (CXHairs) and Heather Heinrich (Wooden Wheels Racing) will be teaching the women's only DC-ChiX group. They will be sharing basic CX skills and offering a course preview to women's group. First time racers are encouraged to attend to get tips on riding the course.

* Wes Schempf (SEAVS/Haymarket) will be leading a clinic for the rest of
the attendees. Wes (former MAC and MABRA Elite Mens Champion) will provide
both useful tips, and a course preview. Wes will be assisted by DCMTB and CX Hairs team members who can also work with small groups to go over basic CX skills.

* The clinic is open to racers of all levels, and is the best chance to get a pre-ride of the course in before the weekend of racing. Juniors, advanced, intermediate and rookie racers are welcome!*

* While the clinics are free, the insurance isn't. If you hold a current USA Cycling license you must pay a $1 fee for insurance. If you don’t have
a license, you must pay $11 for insurance and a one-day license. Junior racers must be accompanied by an adult to sign their waiver form.

* A photo ID is required to access the AFRH campus. The campus is located at  Rock Creek Church Rd, NW & Upshur St, NW. Enter at Upshur Rd. gate and follow signs to clinic site. Please arrive early to register. Clinics will start on time.

* After the clinic, participants will have the opportunity to ride the course and practice their new skills.

Clinics and DCCX race info is at DCMTB.com and www.cxhairs.com

Questions can be directed to Bill Schieken cxhairs@gmail.com and Raul Rojas

 the only cyclocross race in Washington, DC, 
has quickly grown to be one of the largest Cyclocross Races in the Eastern United States,with ~ 850 registered racers and over 50 undercard. Kids can compete on  a separate course (free). The venue and courses are designed to create a fun, family-friendly spectator environment, in addition to a challenging race course. Admission to the venue is free. 

In 2014, DCCX is now a TWO-DAY event!!  That's right, we have been asked for years to provide two days of racing and the time has come.  Two great courses have been laid out for two awesome days of racing and spectating.  Both courses offer challenges yet to be experienced over the last seven years of DCCX.  The CXHairs team has partnered up with DCMTB to pull off this two-day party of cyclocross.  Be sure to check them out at http://www.cxhairs.com/.

This year Oskar Blues will be on hand with a variety of their craft beer offerings including Dale's Pale Ale, Mama's Lil' Pils, Old Chub and others.  Come enjoy their "can-in-hand" culture as well as some of their special kegs.  The beer garden will be the place to be in 2014. 
Staples Corner Liquors will be working with Oskar Blues to once again ensure that your refreshment needs are satisfied.  Come out and pair an Oskar Blues with food from DC Slices, Baja Fresh, the DC Dutch club and others to help keep the party going.  Other Sponsors include Terra Lawn and Landscape,  Family Bike ShopSonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar and DrinkMore Water.  DCCX has an exciting new partner this year: Rose Physical Therapy Group. They'll be out there, offering FREE 15-minute assessments. More info to come: http://www.rosept.com/

Each year following DCCX, DCMTB donates thousands of dollars to benefit the retirees who live at the Armed Forces Retirement Home. In 2013, this donation went to the Friends of the Soldiers Home. Members of this organization and others provide valuable volunteers assistance on race day- if you would like to pitch in as a volunteer (e.g. course crossing guard, parking facilitator, clean-up crew) If you'd like to volunteer contact Raul Rojas at rojasrau@gmail.com
Major course preparation is done by Terra DC Landscaping.   We are very grateful to the Armed Forces Retirement Home , site of President Abraham Lincoln's summer cottage, and the AFRH residents there for allowing us to use their beautiful campus each year.

    Please note that there are several modifications from the standard Super 8 CX daily schedule:
    - Rookie race for Cat 5 men and Cat 4 women (Saturday ONLY)
    - Single speeders are split out from the 35+ event
    - 55+ men race in the afternoon for 45' , along with the Singlespeeders

    Almost FREE Cyclocross clinic on Friday, October 17 at the Armed Forces Retirement Home.

    Directions:  DCCX is presented by DCMTB and is hosted on the beautiful campus of the Armed Forced Retirement Home, site of the                         Historic President Lincoln’s Cottage in NW, Washington, DC. There is ample, free parking adjacent to the course.   The approximate address for        mapping is 140 Rock Creek Church Rd, NW & Upshur St, NW  Washington, DC 20011. For clinics, turn right immediately at the Guard station        and head south to the Pond area. On race weekend, signs will direct racers to the Parking areas located on Arnold Dr. Please park only in                  designated areas and not on any active roads. See map here .

    DCCX is part of the Super 8 Cyclocross Series and listed on the USA Cycling CXNC (Cyclocross National Calendar).  The Super 8 is proud to have                  BikeReg.com and VergeSport return as sponsors to our series and look forward to seeing everybody ready to race in Winchester on September 28.

     Super 8 race location map

    September 28Apple CrossWinchester, Va.
    October 5Hyattsville CXHyattsville, Md.
    October 12Tacchino CyclocrossRosaryville, Md.
    October 18 & 19thDCCXWashington D.C.
    November 2Ed Sander Memorial CXAdamstown, Md.
    November 9Schooley Mill CrossHighland, Md.
    November 16Rockburn CXElkridge, Md.
    December 7Capital Cross ClassicReston, Va.

    Bicycle Blogger Gwadzilla runs the free kids race!

    Bill Schieken of CXhairs.com is Announcing!

    Please check DCCX out on Facebook and Twitter !

    Cxhairs.com has some great DCCX video: 2012 DCCX , 2011 DCCX , various (including Tandems!)
    Cycle-Boredomhas a humorous intro to CX and nice picts
    Uncle pappy has some nice bloggin' about racing and spectating at DCCX
    No Film Photography has some pics and videos from last year! 2013 DCCX video from NoFilm

    Flickr shots of 2012 DCCX

    Main Parking is at Point "B".  "A" is the campus entrance at Upshur St. and Rock Creek Church rd. Follow the blue line to Parking. Additional               parking is located neat the intersection of Arnold Drive and Pershing Dr. in the south-central Area of the map, along the Blue route. There is no          race/spectator access to the course from the North side on race weekend. Please do not park in that area near the Golf course parking and Start       area, or on any roads.

    Cyclocross according to Wikipedia





Great set of DCCX Picts from DCMTB's own Joe Foley


Past Elite DCCX Champions

Elite Men

2013 Nick Waite- Pro Tested Gear

2012 Ryan Dewald- SEAVS/Haymarket

2011 Lukas Winterberg- Philadelphia Cyclocross School

2010 Joe Dombrowski- SEAVS/Haymarket

2009 Ryan Dewald= Battley Harley Davidson

2008 Wes Schempf- C3-Sollay.com

2007 Wes Schempf- C3-Sollay.com

Elite Women

2013 Cheryl Sornson- Team CF

2012 Laura van Gilder - Mellow Mushroom

2011 Laura van Gilder -C3/Mellow Mushroom

2010 Arley Kemmerer - C3-Athletes Serving Athletes

2009 Arley Kemmerer - Hub Racing

2008 Patty Buerkle- Vanderkitten

2007 Betsy Shogren- Fort Factory Team

Elite Masters 35+

2013 Jerzy Wozniak- Winchester Wheelman

2012 Jeffrey Dickey- Scott Pro Mountain Bike Team

2011 Paul Rades -November Bicycles CX Experience

2010 Blair Saunders- Ben's Performance/Ridley

2009 Dave Fuentes- Battley Harley Davidson-Sonoma

2008 Blair Saunders- Secret Henry's Team

2007 Bernie Schiao- Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur

Elite Masters 45+

2013 Craig Cozza-  UPMC Cycling Performance/Pro Bikes

2012 Jerzy Wozniak- Winchester Wheelman Race Team

2011 Jerzy Wozniak- Winchester Wheelman Race Team

Elite Masters 55+

2013 Fred Wittwer- C3-Twenty/20 Cycling

2012 Paul Curley - Spin Arts Cycling Team

2011 Fred Wittwer - Alan North America

2010 Fred Wittwer - Alan North America

2009 Fred Wittwer - Alan North America

2008 Rob Lea-  TEAM Fuji

Single Speed

2013 Christopher Rabadi- Dosnoventa

2012 Kristopher Auer C3- Athletes Serving Athletes

2011 Mike Esmonde- Raw Talent Ranch/CycleLife

2010 Jared Nieters- SEAVS/Haymarket

Photos by Joe Foley Photography, unless noted