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Science, Technology and Sustainable Development

The course intends to provide a forum for examining the developmental ethos of IndiaIndia, which historically had a strong tradition in Science and Technology has emerged as the most popular democracy coming to terms with the developmental realities.  While the social and ecological impacts of conventional development makes it imperative to seek sources and sustainable alternatives, roots of such alternatives and practices can still be seen in India.

The initial part of the Course will be concerned with providing a broad historical review of the key paradigms that defines the development trajectories in the early phases of Independent India.

It will focus particularly on Gandhian ideas of ‘Swadeshi’ emphasizing on self-sufficiency and self-reliance and the Nehruvian models where in S&T was applied to achieve rapid industrial and agricultural growth.  It also examines the S&T achievements showcased in Space, Nuclear, Biotechnology& Information Technology.

Next part of the Course highlights the development in agriculture, which is the major occupation of India.  Drawing from the national programmes aimed at boosting agricultural productivity, namely ‘Green’ and ‘White’ revolutions, the Course will provide for discussions of their consequences on the prevailing economic conditions.  It also examines the implications of globalization on Indian agriculture.

Subsequent part of the Course basically dwells on the issues of development as practiced, their impacts and examines the emerging alternative paradigms of development.  It examines the strong roots of sustainable development, which are trying to emerge in the present content.  The Course will also examine some of the examples from peoples’ quest for sustainable development practices.  In addition to the above focus in the study, it is intended to provide an insight into the issues of public health, gender and equity through lectures and panel discussions.

The intention is to obtain an understanding of a holistic view of development and progress.