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Indian Women: Tradition and Change

The chief objective of this course is to present a comprehensive view of the changing faces of the lives of women in India from a multi-disciplinary perspective.  Women in India do not constitute a homogenous category.  Neither has their situation remained totally unaffected by change nor has the impact of change been all pervasive.  The needs, priorities and problems of different groups of Indian women are different. 

Such factors as religion, caste, class, rural-urban background have a definite role to play in determining access to and utilization of development opportunities and resources.  Women’s roles, either traditional or changing, cannot be discussed without reference to contemporary historical, social, political and economic situations.  It is in this background that the course attempts to provide an understanding of the traditional and changing roles of women in Indian society with the help of lectures, panel discussions, data profiles and field visits.  Resource persons are activists, academicians and grass root level functionaries.