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India is one of the world’s great civilizations. The greatness of India is that it continues to be a living tradition, which can be traced back to the 3rd millennium B.C. However, as we need to confine to the theme of our semester, viz., Semester in South India, we will try to understand the culture of India, focusing particularly on Karnataka. We will notice in our study that Indian culture exhibits remarkable unity, inspite of having diverse languages and religious traditions.

There fore understanding one region will help appreciate Indian culture in general, though not in its entity. However in order to provide a proper perspective, we will begin with a study of the earliest known civilization, viz., Indus Valley civilization, and proceed to learn about Vedic Culture, for which we have a huge body of literature. We then focus our attention on the chosen area i.e., Karnataka. The Culture and Civilization of any country are reflected in its art, religious traditions and practices, philosophy, literature and folk traditions.

The Lectures by experts in these fields are organized to provide a comprehensive view of the culture and civilization of Karnataka.