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Program Details

The Program includes courses like Culture and Civilization- focusing particularly on Karnataka; Indian Women- Tradition and Change; Science, Technology and Sustainable Development in post Independent India and Indian Literatures. Apart from these, other subjects offered are Sanskrit, Kannada or Hindi.

Arrangements are also made for students who would like to learn Bharathanatyam, Carnatic and Hindustani Music, Instruments like Violin, Tabla, Veena and Mridangam.  Yoga can also be taught.

During the final month, students pursue independent research projects or participate in an internship.  Research projects will be carried out under the guidance of Indian faculty and will be designed by the students to focus on their specific academic interest.

Possible projects include study of music, dance or other traditional arts or independent field work on a variety of topics.  Internships in governmental and non-governmental organizations located either in Mysore or Bangalore focus on sustainable development, women’s issues, health, business and management or other contemporary concerns. Academic credit will be proportional to the effort.

After completing their research projects and internships, the students will reconvene in Mysore during the final week of the program for a seminar conducted jointly by students, coordinators and faculty.  Purpose of this final week is to give the students an opportunity to learn from each other’s projects and internships, as well as to reflect together on their experiences in India.