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Dhvanyaloka Centre For Indian Studies

Conceived by Padmabhushana Prof. C.D.Narasimhaiah, Mr. M.S.NarayanaSwamy,(Retd.IAS), Eng. M.G.Somashekar, Prof. M.N.Shivaram (IT Specialist), Dr. Ashok Achaiah, Prof. C.N.Srinath, Sri.T.D.Manamohan (Former Chief Eng. Govt of Karnataka) and Sri. H.B.Jairaj (Industrialist) group and other like minded personalities with considerable experience and reputation in their respective faculties and fields.


Professor C.N.Srinath is the chairman of the Dhvanyaloka center.  He is an internationally recognized scholar and critic, poet and translator in English and Kannada, and the author of several works in English.

Academic Committee

Dr. V.K.Nataraj 
Sri. H.V.Nagaraja Rao 
Prof. C.N.Srinath 
Prof. M.N.Shivaram


(Former Joint Director General of Archaeological Survey of India and Director of Oriental Research Institute, Mysore)

Permanent Invitee

Eng. M.G.Somashekar