The Name

The Centre is named after Dhvanyaloka, the title of a critical work of the 9th century A.D. by Anandavardhana representing the highest peak of Indian genius in critical response to works of art. “Dhvani” literally means sound, but, rightly, for Ananda K.Coomaraswamy, it is sounding which means one continues to hear the reverberations of what one has read, seen or heard in the deep heart’s silence. Anandavardhana’s work sheds light on all this in Art Experience. The Centre is dedicated to the renewal of this rich potential in our approach to work of art. Svalpam Apyasya Dharmasya…..!

The introduction of Information Technology in the recent past and its intensive use all over the world has made it possible for people in the different parts of our planet to know about India, its Culture, Arts, Dance and Music. This has inculcated a particular interest in them. Thus the people of different parts of the world have been showing continued interest to know and learn more about them.

Dhvanyaloka Centre For Indian Studies is a platform established as a subsidiary of Dhvanyaloka Academy Foundation Private Limited (a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956) which is founded by a select group of persons for promoting and facilitating diffusion of knowledge, study, research and development of Indian studies in the fields of Culture, Arts, Dance, Music and the like.

India’s Heritage, Philosophical thought, Arts, Dance, Music and Literature are attracting the attention of the people in different parts of the world and have enthused their interest therein. 

Though there have been several organizations, which have been engaged in promoting such educational facilities, the continued demand for such studies from overseas students, and universities has warranted establishment of such centers with adequate infrastructure.