We are a community of practice (and more) in service to the broader integral community, offering great events around Ken Wilber's (and related) work. We value fostering learning, balance and the integration of perspectives and visions (and allowing for different perspectives and visions.)  
   The purpose of this group is to apply emerging ideas into the actual structures and processes of organizing Integral events in the DC Metro area, such as the DC Integral Emergence meet ups. We playfully work to inspire and integrate the collective wisdom of our community. We believe this purpose is best manifested through the cultivation of a governing practice that allows increased agility, transparency, innovation, and accountability, both individually and collectively.

  We invite you to share and explore your ideas online using the discussion group. When your ideas take the form of a plan, add your proposal to the next agenda. We meet once a month via conference call, to address our evolving agenda.   The facilitator utilizes the Integrative Decision Making process to dynamically steer the conference call. We rotate facilitator and secretary every month.

This is a public group open to all members of our community.  Thank you, for your interest and participation.

1) DC Integral Emergence discussion group, the url is http://groups.google.....

2) Conference Call Agenda click here.

3) Please read the following article for a description of how we facilitate our conference calls utilizing the Integrative Decision Making process!
4) Our next conference call is scheduled for Tuesday, March 1st at 7:00 PM EST. 
Dial - In: 1-605-477-3000
Access: 199398 #

One of the inspirations for this group/process comes from Holacracy™ 
There is a free intro to holacracy webinar, Wednesday March 2nd, 12:00PM - 1:30PM http://www.holacracy....

To help our call run smoothly, please read the Etiquette & Tips below.

- Allow 90 minutes for the call although we may not use it all.

- Use 4* to mute yourself when you are not speaking. This will help us hear each other better and prevent background noise. To speak, you can unmute at any time by pressing 4* again.

- Disable your call waiting feature before you call the bridge number (dial *70 before the call). After you hang up, your call-waiting automatically resumes.

- Do not call in on a cellphone or speaker phone, which can echo and make it difficult to hear. Cordless phones and headsets are usually fine (on a "land line").

- Whenever you speak, to help everyone orient to you, please say your name first. "This is Beth..."

- Call in precisely on time so we can get started on time.

- If you need to leave the call early, please notify the facilitator by email ahead of time.

* Normal domestic long distance rates charged by your long distance carrier apply for the duration of the call. For cheaper call-in rates, try a calling card from 4prepaidcard.com or another calling card provider.

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