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Apocalypse World.  Click to learn more.
Apocalypse World
The system so clean it's spawned more than 24 hacks, 3 printed. The original offers the desperation of scarcity in a post-apocalyptic world.
Savage, Sex Moves, Trust, World-Building
Dogs in the Vineyard.  Click to learn more.
Dogs in the Vineyard
Biblical western. You are Chosen and responsible for delivering mercy and justice. Sometimes, you have to cut off the arm to save the life.
Western, Morality, Sin, Judgement
Fiasco.  Click to Learn More.
Murphy's Law with dice. Be it sex, drugs, rock and roll, bored misfit Army soldiers, or on a high-class vessel on the Atlantic - what could possibly go wrong?
Coen Brothers, GMless, Collaborative Setup
Ganakagok.  Click to learn more.
The world will shatter when the Sun comes, but you have a plan. What will you do before the world ends? For yourself, your people, your world?
Collaborative Setup, Tarot Card Driven, World-Building
Geiger Counter.  Click to learn more.
Geiger Counter
Enjoy a pick-up game that replicates movies where most of the main characters die, such as Jurassic Park, Alien or even the sober Saving Private Ryan.
Horror, GMless, Cinematic
Ingenuous.  Click to learn more.
Steampunk adventure. Sparks radically alter Steam City all the time with their technological innovations, but at what cost to the city and it's people?
Steampunk, Madcap antics
Little Fears.  Click to learn more.
Little Fears
Play a child justifiably afraid of what goes bump in the night. You are all you have. Grown ups can't save you – they can't even see them.
Kids, Monsters, Oblivious Adults, Horror
Misspent Youth.  Click to learn more.
Misspent Youth
Build an Authority you fucking hate, then work with your friends to Kick Its Ass. Can your group do it without selling out?
Dystopia, Punk, Rebellion, Selling-Out, Fuck, World-Building
Monsterhearts.  Click to learn more.
An Apocalypse World hack about teenage monsters and the tangled, angst-filled lives they lead.
Teens, Angst, Monsters, Romance, Strings
Murderous Ghosts.  Click to learn more.
Murderous Ghosts
You (and your player book) against the GM (and her GM book...and imagination). Can you escape killer ghosts? (probably not).
Horror, Two-player
Poison'd.  Click to learn more.
Pirates, heavy on rape and pillage. Brimstone Jack has been poisoned by his cook, an assassin sent by the King. This is what happened next. Adults only, please.
Pirates, Adults only
Side Load.  Click for more info.
Sideload: a
cyberpunk story
Uploaded into the 'net, the characters fight their way from system to system as they learn who they were and what happened to them.
Cyberpunk, Cooperative
The Shab Al-Hiri Roach.  Click to learn more.
The Shab Al-Hiri Roach
A GM-less dark comedy of one-upmanship, manners, furious stake-setting, and academia.
GMless, Competitive, Academia, A roach
The Doctor is dying, but he's given his memories to his clone. If only he can give it his soul.
GMless, Philosophy, Time Limit, Storytelling
Within My Clutches
Deal with pompous heroes, inept minions, apathetic citizens, faithless henchmen and your own treacherous peers. Can you enact your Master Plan, or will you learn that remaining grounded is preferable to world domination?
Supervillians, Cinematic, Personal Conflict, GMless