We're coming back to Dragon*Con and bringing with us the best in alternative gaming. Our mission? To show off the games that we love, and give you a chance to try them out. Some come and:
  • Sample some games you've been meaning to try, play a session of what everyone's talking about, or jump in on something brand new!
  • Learn what developments are being made in the hobby.
  • Pick up new tricks, tactics, and techniques for fun at your table.
  • Find out what you've missed, what's hot, and what's on the horizon.

Games on Demand IS Happening

posted Aug 19, 2013, 12:40 PM by Paul H   [ updated Aug 19, 2013, 12:40 PM ]

Back, by popular ennui, Paul "Tobes" Hubbird will outstrip even his own expectations with derring-do and fabulous feats of narrative nay-saying.

His opposition is engaging, his style soliloqus, his bravery in the face of grognards embittering.

Come one! Come all! Step right up and play some truly great games, with an equally powerful guide for the journey.

Thanks for that introduction, Arnold! Howdy, all! You may remember me from such Dragon*Con Games on Demands as... last year's. I'm keeping the candle lit this year, and though that light grows slowly, it's far from snuffed.

Games on Demand 2013

It's true, our GM turnout is limited and our convention support is lacking, but we've given no ground in our commitment. Dragon*Con' s organizers need time to swallow the traditional format of Games on Demand, so we're easing them into it. Last year's experience was overwhelmingly positive, but we have to show them both that it wasn't a fluke and that we're willing to work with them in order to get them to work with us.

For those reasons, Games on Demand has fit itself into the traditional gaming slot system this year. We're doing without our booth and our dedicated play space. With the volume of positive feedback last year, I predict even this reduced form will be a smashing success, and numbers don't lie. We'll be able to work our way up to the usual GoD setup in the next few years.

How You Can Get Involved

  • GM for us. Send me an email with your name, contact information, the slots during which you're willing to run a GoD session, and a short (or long!) list of the indie RPGs you're able to bring. I'll get you on board with the current program description language, and we'll get your session(s) submitted to Mark.
  • Talk it up on Facebook and Twitter. At the convention, mention Games on Demand to everyone you can, especially the Dragon*Con staffers at Gaming Registration. Mark knows us and knows how capable we are, but if we get the buzz going with the other Gaming officials, he'll have the opportunity to lay it out to them again.
  • Come play! Based on my experiences last year, we may not need this sort of help – my sessions were always overfilled – but ensuring the GoD tables have no empty seats sends exactly the right message.
Games on Demand is here to stay at Dragon*Con. Come be a part of it!

-- Paul

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