Mrs. Peck's Geode Crystallization

posted Jan 24, 2012, 9:15 AM by DCHS Journalism Staff   [ updated Jan 24, 2012, 9:16 AM ]

    Mrs. Peck's honors chemistry classes participated in a geode crystallization lab on Wednesday, January 18th. To start, the students poked holes in the top of eggs and removed the contents of into buckets and set
their eggshells aside to later use   
as cups.  The pupils then placed beakers of water on hot plates until they reached a low simmer. When this was finished, they each added a small amount of copper (II) sulfate  and a drop of selected food coloring to their water.
 Once the colored solution had completely dissolved, they poured their solution into their eggshell cups. Each cup is now in a secluded area where it will stay, untouched, for three weeks.
                        -Olivia Matlock

Former student, Current Teacher, Mrs. Hedge

posted Jan 4, 2012, 9:17 AM by DCHS Journalism Staff   [ updated Jan 24, 2012, 9:17 AM ]

        A former graduate of Dickson County High School, Mrs. Hedge, now teaches art for the cougars.  Like every one of us, she found the two-minute warning bell’s voice a little creepy at first. Mrs. Hedge definitely enjoys being back at DCHS, but says things are a little  
different these days. The new dress code and period schedule (as opposed to block schedule) are the biggest changes since her high school years.  She misses the block schedule but has adjusted to her seven period time limit. When I asked her why she chose to teach on the hill, she replied by saying 
she had never wanted to teach in the first place, but grew up with teachers as family members. After earning her degree in art, Mrs. Hedge added education. Despite her first few nervous weeks, she loves teaching here. Glad to be back at her former school, Ms. Hedge can't wait for the years to come.           -Miranda Britt

All Applause for the DCHS Drama Club

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    This year's DCHS drama club production of 12 Angry Jurors was a definite success. The cast spent countless hours over the period of three months perfecting the final performances. As the show opened, 12 jury members entered on trial for a boy accused of killing his father. It was clear within the first few moments that the majority of the jury was not in favor of the son. Throughout the play, however, Seth Gilliland's character made every effort support the case of the son and convince his jury-mates that there, in fact, was a reasonable doubt.
     The characters of Katrina Gwinn, Mary Beth Yancey, Rachel 
Jackson, Ana Foshee, and Amber Gentry were soon persuaded by the examples and facts given by Seth's character. It took much more strain, however, to sway the opinions of the unnamed characters played by Jordan Hartwell, Taylor O'neal, Sydney Murphy, Will Sullivan, Stacy Allison, and, last but not least, Josh Whitaker. The show included several vicious spats throughout the duration between the characters of Josh and Seth, and Ana and Jordan.
      Although there were only 13 members of the drama club seen throughout the show, a number of students were active in the making of 12 Angry Jurors. Tasks backstage like lighting, make up, costume 
preparation, prop building, etc. were completed by the ever so supportive drama club tech crew. The crew constisted of Scotty Philips, controlling lights, Jacob Boone, taking care of the soundboard, McKenzie Hosale, Ashley Jenkins, christa Koontz, Jessica martin, Olivia O'Connell, Rebecca Perez, and Taylor Rhea, all doing make up, and Dustin Nelson, head of props.
     Passing through the halls, it was even heard that Mr. Littleton had admitted he thought that our adaptation was better than the original movie, 12 Angry Men.                 
                    -Tobi Scott

Mole Day, Hooray!

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On October 21st, Mrs. Laura Peck and her chemistry classes celebrated Mole Day, an annually held event at DCHS. Classes prepared for this occasion all week in various ways. The student's first step in preparation was creating piñatas by paper mâchéing balloons and painting them. In addition to the colorful piñatas, students
decorated the entire classroom (and a portion of the hallway) with balloons, streamers, and other various exciting decorations. The chemistry students were each assigned projects to be turned in on Mole Day. This could have been a poster, a model, a cake, or some sort of musical performance; whether it be performed live or recorded and shown in class. On
Mole Day itself, the students turned in their projects, and one winner was selected from each class. After the presentations were through, each class enjoyed the candy from their piñatas and their various "Mole Cakes" while watching YouTube videos about Mole Day.

                         -Olivia Matlock

College App Week at DCHS

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Last week, our Dickson County High School held its first College App Week. This was intended to help students with their personal college application process. College App Week is a state-wide event sponsored by the Tennessee Higher Education and On Monday, all DCHS students received information and packets regarding, Hope Scholarship and other financial 


aid opportunities. Tuesday, the student body was encouraged to wear clothes that represented their favorite or future college, Austin Peay had a representative on campus talking tostudents during lunch, and the computer lab was open extra hours for students and their parents who needed assistance in college application. On Wednesday, a gift card drawing was held for seniors who had applied for college, and UT 

Martin had a representative to talk with students during lunch. Thursday, college application continued after hours in the computer lab, and on Friday, The Class of 2012 received a newsletter emphasizing the importance of post-secondary education. All in all, our first College App Week was a success. 

                               -Tobi Scott

Reunited At Last

posted Oct 27, 2011, 9:18 AM by DCHS Journalism Staff   [ updated Nov 10, 2011, 9:01 AM ]

            On September 9th, Coach Littleton had an idea that left many students in tears. Judy Hall's mother had been stationed in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar for six months. Earlier in the day, she had gone to Dickson Middle School to surprise Judy's sister, Rose, and was now on The Hill for Judy. "Does anyone recognize this soldier?" asked Coach Littleton, as Mrs. Hall walked through the gym with a stuffed camel. Judy had known her mother was coming home but did not expect to see her for another week. "'Oh, hey, someone else gets to see their parent,' was what I was thinking," said Judy in a sarcastic tone.

 When Judy finally realized that the soldier was her own mom, she 

ran down the bleachers to practically tackle her mother thinking, “Don't fall, don't you dare trip and fall."

Both Judy's mother and father are in the military. Her mother is a captain of the National Guard, and this was her first tour. Her father, however, being a retired member of the Air Force, has done over five tours with twenty-plus trips. Mr. Hall has visited Germany, every state in the U. S., Turkey, and Uganda to name a few. He was ranked a Master Sergeant before retiring.   

Judy, along with her three sisters, was born on an Air Force base. Her second grade year, Judy moved from Dover Air Force Base to Dickson, Tennessee to be closer to family. Judy goes to military camp every year and has been to all three camps in 

Tennessee. At camp, she has placed first in "Drill and Ceremony" multiple times. Judy wants to obtain a psychology degree and work with people who have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the future. She also wants to be in the military but isn't sure of what she wants to do; although, she has considered becoming a fighter pilot. 

    The surprise homecoming of Judy's mother has given her the chance to make plenty of new friends. After the popular YouTube video of the reunion, Judy received over seventy-two new friend request on Facebook and too many wall posts to count. Judy says she is extremely appreciative of the thoughts from her peers.


 - Morgan Scott

Pep Rally Number One

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A roar filled the gym signified that the first cougar pep rally of 2011 had begun.  Filling the stands, were freshman and seniors in white, sophomores in orange, and juniors in blue. Every class was cheering, and all  

spirits were high. Coach Littleton gave an enthusiastic speech; encouraging us all to not only have fun, but also to illustrate good  sportsmanship.The cheerleaders led us all in a fantastic round of the Cougar  
Breakdown. On that note, the football team rushed to the middle of the gymnasium, forming a giant mosh pit full of school pride.  Holding hands, everyone joined the football team to sing the DCHS alma mater,  “Conquer and Prevail.”
                        -Olivia Matlock  

Miranda Britt Helps Seniors Take The Lead.

posted Sep 11, 2011, 1:55 PM by DCHS Journalism Staff   [ updated Nov 10, 2011, 8:59 AM ]

  "OH, I started selling before school even started," explained Miranda Britt. Walking into the first assembly, Miranda expected nothing more than last place. However, she was pleasantly 

surprised to hear her name announced as first place seller. Miranda had a grand total of 1,050 dollars last year and has already... reached higher this year with almost 
1,500 dollars for the senior class. As an excited senior, Miranda is determined to be in the top seven sellers and to help her senior class to the best of her ability.
                        -Tobi Scott

Upset of The Day; Freshman > Seniors?

posted Sep 2, 2011, 9:16 AM by DCHS Journalism Staff   [ updated Nov 10, 2011, 9:05 AM ]

Freshman came out on top in the second turn-in day, devastating the second place senior class.  Senior coordinators, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Tuck, ditched the slime for a conference, leaving substitutes in their place, 
and Mr. Beaubien nearly toppled  after being drenched in green goo.. Amber Speigner (junior) took first place with a grand total of $1,090, followed by Caitlin Jones (sophomore), Rachel Bell (freshman), and Catherine Pierce (sophomore). Also, congratulations to Ms. Ashlee 
Jennings and her first place homeroom that sold a total of $1,421 in magazines. Following the freshman and seniors were the sophomores in third place and the juniors in last. All in all, the second magazine drive assembly was a surprise to us all.
           -Bailey Holcomb

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