Concert Wear

The concert attire for String Orchestras & Chamber Orchestra is the same:

Men will purchase their tuxedos. JC Penny has a great deal on a full tuxedo. 
Tuxes should follow the below guidelines:
        - Black tuxedo jacket and pants (includes satin stripe on the pants)
        - One or two button jacket (no double breast) with a notched collar 
        - White tux shirt, can be full or wing tip
        - Black bow tie
        - Cummerbund and vest optional (must be black)
        - Black dress shoes and socks

Women buy their dresses through the orchestra program from for $88. We will be measuring students at the beginning of the year and making a group order. When students graduate they may sell the dress to an incoming freshman at a discount. Women also need to have closed-toe, black dress shoes (no tennis shoes or sandals).

New students, or students who do not yet have dresses, should wear all-black dress pants or a skirt (must be ankle/floor length) and a black blouse. Students in Concert Orchestra ("Beginning Orchestra") are not required to purchase the uniform.

* Please email Ms. Nelson if you have a financial hardship regarding the uniform purchase.