User group and posting guidelines

Please use this dChip User Group (rather than personal email) for dChip related correspondences such as usage questions and bug reports. Previous user groups: dChip Forum (May 07 to Dec. 08), Yahoo Group (Oct. 02 to May 07).

Search this group to see if there are existing discussion threads on the similar topics as yours. If so, please post in these threads to help organize the discussion.

Your questions may have been discussed in the dChip manual or user groups; search at this link for possible faster solution.

To post usage questions, please try to include the following information or attach files if relevant:

-- The complete analysis output of the entire dChip session, including dChip error messages and version dates. At the
Analysis view window, use Control+A to select all texts and then Control+C or “Analysis/Copy”, or use “Analysis/ Save” to save output into a file.

-- dChip exported data files or image files.

-- Screenshots of the issue in question, obtained by pressing the PrintScreen key and pasting into the Paint software to save.

-- Use “Tools/Options/Print Settings” to print out the setting information of the current analysis session.

-- You can use to upload zipped large data files such as CEL, CDF, DCP or dchip exported data files.

-- Here are some quick solutions that you may also try:
Trouble-shooting tips.