Running dChip on Mac or Linux

The Virtual PC software enables running dChip on Max and Unix computers. For example, Virtual PC for Mac, WinBottler, and Wine. Victoria Perreau has run dChip on an iBook, using the Connectix Virtual PC Windows 2000 software which costs about $225. When running on the iBook (466MHz, 320 RAM) it takes about 7 times longer to do the analysis than a PC (1000Mhz Pentium III , 256RAM),  i.e. 6 CEL files are normalized in 8 minutes instead of 1. Matthias Klaften runs dChip2006 on a SuSE Linux 9.0 box (Kernel 2.4.21) with Wine 0.9.6. However, errors may occur when running in these platforms and we have not tested.

dChip on Mac/Linux with Codeweavers Crossover

Posted: 11 Nov 2008 10:35 am    

By Samuel Volchenboum

I'm sorry if this is a repost. I searched "Crossover" and "Codeweavers" and did not find anything.

Using Codeweaver's Crossover for Mac ( ) I am running dChip on my Macbook Pro.

The installation was seamless - there is no extra configuration. I installed right into my existing Windows XP "bottle" in Crossover, and the program started right up. I copied my DCP and config files all over from my PC and edited the .ini file to reflect the new path. Everything I've tried works beautifully.

The speed is slower than my Dell Precision workstation, but it is very good, and it is a pleasure to use right on my Mac.

I know this has been possible through Parallels or VMWare for a long time. But this obviates the need for a large Windows installation and the overhead of keeping that application running just for dCHIP. My solution up until now was to run dChip on my PC and access the PC via Remote Desktop Connection from my Mac - which works find, as long as you have a fast internet connection for both machines (and a spare PC laying around).

I have not tried the Linux version of Crossover yet, but I would expect it to work as well. If someone does, please report back. Also, this is an Intel solution only, as this is a requirement for Crossover.

Finally, Crossover is a commercial implementation of the open-source solution, Wine. I have gotten dChip to work form within Wine, but the Wine installation was neither simple nor painless... but it does work.

Samuel Volchenboum (11/11/08): I am running dCHIP using Codeweaver's Crossover. This is a wonderful application that lets Mac (and Linux) users run many windows programs - without Windows. Running dChip is very easy, and there was no extra configuration to do. The speed is pretty good on my MacBook Pro, though nowhere as fast as my high-end Dell Precision server (and I would not expect it to be).