64 bit (x64) version

The dChip 64 bit (x64) version (Ver 2/25/09+) runs on 64 bit PCs and can access more than 4GB memory for memory-intensive tasks such as viewing chromosomes.

Due to the usage of longer bits for memory pointers, the DCP and CDF.bin files from the regular 32-bit (x32) dChip cannot be used with the 64-bit version. With the 64-bit version, at "Open group", check "ignore existing DCP file" and "Other info/Ignore existing cdf.bin file" to re-extract these files. If you are using both x32 and x64 versions of dchip for your datasets, store .cdf files in two different folders, one each for x32 and x64 version. That way, dchip will preserve cdf.bin for both versions in future analysis without giving error.

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