Long Beach ICB Marathon

October 15, 2006

Long Beach International City Bank Marathon, October 15, 2006: Link

  • Place:           324 (out of 2059)  -  Overall results

  • Bib:               # 2952

  • Distance:       26.2 miles / 42 km   

  • Net Time:       3:49:09 

  • Pace:            8:45 minutes per mile

According to my Garmin Forerunner 201 my pace was even faster than that, and my total distance from start to finish line was 26.72 miles as opposed to the standard 26.2 miles:

  • Actual distance:                  26.72 miles

  • Net Time at 26.2 miles:         3:45:05 

  • Actual average pace:            8:35 minutes per mile

I got into a huge traffic jam on my way to Long Beach: I-710 highway was not able to accommodate around 20,000 participants. I got there late (just like many others) and was not there to hear the gun. As the result I crossed the start line at the end of the pack and spent my first 4 miles passing by slower runners, jumping left and right all the time to pass by.

I hit the wall at the mile 19 and the rest of the race - the last 7 miles - turned out to be very challenging for me both physically and mentally - even despite relatively smooth and flat course. My pace slowed down from around 8:20 to 9:30 or even slower. The only thing I could think about was why a heck I am doing it and how I could skip the remaining miles. 

Anyways, I am pretty happy with the result - 3:49 is beyond my boldest expectations - this is just my very 1st marathon. I am pretty sure I managed to squeeze everything out of myself - my legs hurt like hell now - like never before. Every muscle, not just a foot or a knee :-))) 




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