San Diego AFC Half-Marathon

August 20, 2006

San Diego America's Finest City Half-Marathon, August 20, 2006: Link

  • Place:           1030 (out of 5930)  -  Overall results

  • Bib:               # 2423

  • Distance:       13.1 miles / 21 km   

  • Net Time:       1:48:22 

  • Pace:            8:16 minutes per mile

According to my Garmin Forerunner 201 my pace was even faster than that, which can be explained by one wc stop and the fact that actual run distance is a bit more than the course net distance:

  • Actual distance:                  13.24 miles

  • Net Time:                           1:46:10 

  • Actual average pace:            8:01 minutes per mile

The race was quite fun for the first 5 miles as we were running downhill at a pace of around 7 minutes per mile or sometimes even faster than that. 

Then we had a big piece of absolutely flat course as we were running along the bank of San Diego Bay. 

The last 3 miles  of the course - or whatever it was after we turned to the Broadway - came as a surprise. They were up-hill and completely hellish as I was pretty tired by then. The only thing I could think of for the last 25 minutes of the race is why a heck I were doing that at all :-)

But hurdles of the last miles just added up to the finishers' excitement when the race was finally over.


 11th mile: Broadway

13th mile: El Prado (entering Balboa Park)

 Approaching the finish line:

Crossing the finish line:

I am holding a Gatorade glass with a picture of Superman on it :-)



Sorry for the quality of the photos - they are very small but it is all I have got. MarathonPhoto that photographed this event wants $50 for a CD with these 8 photos in the original size (not including tax and S&H fees), which I consider to be a bit steep for 8 images :-)  




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