Watching Sonya Grow Journal

Latest updates from our Parents & Kids Association :)

 6/4/07   Vocabulary update

Our new words today are:

  • "Night-night"
  • "Rabbit"
  • "Rooster"
  • "Hippo"
  • "Cup" 
  • "Circle"
  • "Pizza"
  • "Chicken" - Sophia cannot say "ch" yet and it sounds like [kiken]
  • "Cheese"
  • "Dima" - sometimes Sophia calls me by name mimicking Ira
  • "Hi, Cheryl!" - Cheryl is Sophia's teacher at Tutor Time

Sophia talks a lot know and we do not manage to keep a track of every new word anymore. These are just the main ones. 

5/30/07   Serial Biting

Sophia bit three kids at the day care today and tried to bite the fourth one but was stopped by her teacher. Kids did not bug her but it sound like they did not want to share their toys and Sophia used some "convincing" to make her point clear. Two kids got bit in fingers and one in a hand - and pretty seriously so that there were some marks on their skin where Sophia bit them. Both teachers and we talked to Sophia that biting is rude and unfriendly :) 

5/22/07   Vocabulary update

Our new words today are:

  • "Star"
  • "Square"
  • "House" 
  • [Lisa] - "fox" in Russian
  • [Slon] - "elephant" in Russian

5/20/07   First time biking together

We bought a bike trailer for Sophia last Friday and used it today for the first time. We covered about 6.5 miles and it took us 1h 10 min.

Sophia enjoyed the ride, except she felt tired of her helmet after first 30 min and took it off. We decided not to upset her insisting she put it back on as it was quite hot and I hated my own helmet even more than she did hers :)

5/15/07   Vocabulary update

Few more new words:

  • "Wow!" - when she is surprised at something
  • "Snake"
  • "Fox" - Sonya calls them "fok" or sometimes [lisa] in Russian 
  • "No more" - used when Sonya does not want any more food 
  • "No, David" - this is Sonya's favorite book at school
  • "Buggy" - that what they call those baby carts at school
  • [Sok] - our second Russian word meaning "juice"

5/12/07   Vocabulary update

Few more new words:

  • "No way!" - when Sonya feels that plain "No" is not enough
  • "Turtle" - they have two little turtles in their class-room 
  • "Bye-bye, Ella!" - sometimes Sonya calls other kids by name 
  • [Tak...] - this is our first Russian word (it means "So...") 

4/23/07   Accident at school

As Sophia stood up on a chair today she felt down and bit her tongue and lower lip. She got upset and was crying and bleeding for the following 10 minutes or so, and her teachers even had to apply some ice to stop the blood. Her lip is swollen now but other than that she is fine. We even took her to the doctor - we were lucky as usually it is not that easy to get the same-day appointment with Dr.Baker - and were told she is fine and no stitches are necessary.

4/20/07   Vocabulary update

Few more new words:

  • "Monkey"
  • "Frog"
  • "Milk"
  • "Juice" 
  • "Sit" - when Sonya need some help to get on a chair or couch
  • "Walk" - when Sonya wants us to walk with her somewhere  
  • "Fiuni" - sometimes Sonya stretches her finger and ask for this quite impatiently - sometimes it means a napking, but for sure that not always - our guess is it might be her way to say "thing" when Sonya does not know the right word for something she wants 

4/11/07   Vocabulary update

Few more new words:

  • "Dish" - used for the juice cups when Sophia is thirsty
  • "Please" - Sophia uses it only on very special occasions :-)
  • "Car"
  • "Bye-bye"
  • "Sock"
  • "Foot" or "Feet"
  • "Ear"
  • "Teeth"
  • "One, Two, Three, Five" - for some reason she's missing "Four"
  • "More" - usually used to say "I want more cookies"
  • "Baby"
  • "Cheese"
  • "Monkey"
  • "Allo" - when Sonya is playing with a phone
  • "Tree"
  • "Dog" 

 3/15/07   "Av"

"Av" is what Sonya says when she sees a dog outside. Or sometimes she stretches her tongue out and breathes quickly trying to imitate dogs’ breath.
Only few weeks ago Sonya was afraid of dogs, even the smallest ones. She was getting excited and finger-pointing at them from a distance, but once a dog approached us she used to scream and cry, even when mommy or daddy held her. The anxiety is almost gone and now Sonia is running towards dogs to make an acquaintance.

3/15/07   One very polite girl :)

We were walking through the kids section in IKEA and Sonia got overexcited about everything around. There was a woman with a little baby on her hands and a pack of plastic cups there.  It happened that the woman dropped her cups on the floor. Sonya immediately came to her, picked up the cups and - very naturally - handed them back to the woman.

3/2/07   We moved to Ladera Ranch

First day in our new home in Ladera Ranch.

2/18/07   We like shopping

Sonya likes shopping. She always likes running along aisles in supermarket. But she started to pay more attention to what we do there and mimic it. We went to Pavilions in Ladera the other day. As we stopped at a fridge with sliced packs of cheese and sausage, she got quite busy grabbing food and throwing it into the cart.
Also a couple days ago we found some Shrek video game for Nintendo in our cart – right at the cash register. Sophia liked it and I did not even notice how she put it in.

2/11/07   Firm handshake

We went to a carpet shop today - we purchased new carpet and tile over there. When we were leaving Sophia shook hand to Kris, the sales manager working with us there.

2/10/07   Please change me

Sophia is more demanding now and when she feels like her diaper needs to be change she usually comes over, takes my hand and drags me to the changing table, or otherwise squeezes her diaper so that it would be evident that the time has come to change it.

2/9/07   Vocabulary update

Few more new words:

  • "Shoe" - Sophia uses it for all the socks and slippers as well 
  • "One, Two" - Sophia counts to 2, and sometimes even to 3

2/6/07   Vocabulary update

Few more new words:

  • "Eye" - she usually touches her eye or my eye when she says that 
  • "Nose" - she pronounces it as [nos] and touches her nose
  • "Cookie" - used mostly for oat cookies from Costco
  • "A-am" - I wanna eat something
  • "Cat" - she said it a couple of times pointing at cat pictures
  • "Mia-u" - same meaning as "cat"

2/3/07   Shower

we stopped using baby bath tab and put Sophia in a full-size tab instead. Usually we just turn on warm water but do not actually fill the tab in. Sonia has a bag with her bath toys there and plays with them a lot. She never enjoyed her bath time before as much as she is enjoying it now.

1/10/07   Vocabulary update

Sonya added few more words to her vocabulary:

  • "Nanny" - she calls Ira and myself when we she wants something
  • "Up!" - she tells it herself when she wants to stand up
  • "Bird"
  • "Flower"
  • "Shoe"

12/17/06   Our Vocabulary 

Sonya is still mostly baby-talking, but has added a few of "real" words to her vocabulary. Currently they are all English, although we speak Russian to her all the time. The thing is that most of Russian basic words are longer than English: compare the number of syllables in "cow" and "korova", for example. Another reason is that she hears English all the time at the day care. Anyways, as of now Sonya's vocab consists of:

  • "No" - definitely our winner, used all the time, especially when mom and dad are trying to feed us
  • "Hi"
  • "Bye" - or sometimes she just waves her hand instead
  • "Apple" - used for most of the fruits and berries
  • "Fishy" - or sometimes "fish", which sounds like "shish"
  • "Duck"
  • "Cow"
  • "Moo" - used for cows, hippopotamuses and a few of other species
  • "Ball"
  • "Ga-ga" - used for goose
  • "Mamma" - Sonya might say it from time to time, but not very often though
  • "Daddy" - sounds like "dada" or "papa" - something we hear from Sonya once in a blue moon

11/05/06   "Mai"

Sonya learned a new word and uses it all the time now. It sounds more like [migh] and stands for "give me this". Probably it comes from "May I have it please" although I doubt Sonya is that polite, especially when it comes to something she wants and cannot get. 

10/25/06   16th Tooth

We have officially got our 16th tooth today. Now we are just 4 teeth short to the full 20-piece set of baby teeth – we are still missing back molars.

10/21/06   Oh-Ooo and 15th Tooth

Sonya got her 15th tooth today. She also keeps repeating “Oh-Ooo” when she is playing or is knocking at a closed door. It is the same expression grown-up people use when something goes wrong or when they are surprised with something.

10/20/06   Carousel

Sonya had her first carousel ride in South Coast Plaza mall tonight. I wish we had our camera with us to take a picture of her on a carousel horse. Sonya enjoyed it so much that she did not want to leave, and we took a second ride. Even after it we left very reluctantly. I had to stand by her horse and so that she does not fall off. I should say I never enjoyed a carousel in my life more than today with Sonya :)

10/19/06   We like to keep everything clean

Today our teacher at the day care told us that it takes extra time for Sonya to wash her hands as she tends to take washing very seriously and strives to do it thoroughly. When we were eating at Friday’s today we saw her wiping her face with a napkin.

10/15/06   Smoked Fish

It turned out Sonya likes smoked fish. She is ready to eat it even when she does not like anything else. But she eats it mostly “on the run”. Sonya does not sit in her high chair, but rather would play around the living room allowing her parents to feed her small pieces of fish. As she keeps loosing fish crumbs on the floor we have to watch her eating and collect fish after her :-)

10/10/06   Olivie & Feta

We have discovered lately that Sonya likes Russian salad (known in Russia as Olivie) more than the other food. Another thing she likes that much is feta. We use those as the last resort when she refuses to eat anything else.

10/07/06   Getting stuck

Sophia was sleeping in her crib today after launch and as she woke up and tried to get out, her leg got stuck between the bars of the crib. Sophia tried to get her leg out and as she could not, got upset and cried for help. She looked quite funny like that, although we freaked out about it as we could not get her leg out for quite a while. But when just in 30 minutes after this accident Sophia dragged her head and shoulders into the small bookcase we have by our entrance door, it became really funny indeed. That’s where the curiosity and a lot of superfluous energy can get you :-)

10/05/06   Back home

I returned from my 4-day business trip to Toronto today. Sophia got quite excited and cheerful as she saw me. I found her changed – even after such an insignificant absence period. She talks differently using a bunch of new baby words. She looks different too – grown up a bit.

9/19/06   13th tooth :)

In just 6 weeks after our 12th tooth we have got 13th one. I heard the full set of baby teeth includes just 20 of those as opposed to 32 teeth of grown-ups. It means we are 65% there.

8/15/06   Good morning!

Sonya sleeps in the same room with mamma and Nastya. The waking-up process is very cool. Sophia is very patient: she wakes up, raises her head and looks around. If everyone is asleep she talks quietly but never gets upset. She snatches another quick nap and then everything happens all over again. She gets up, tries to wake up mamma and Nastya and gets back to bed. Mamma is just pretending to be sleeping and watches Sonya’s morning “performance” :-)))

8/02/06   We have 12 teeth now!

Yesterday we discovered Sonya's 11th tooth - right upper molar, and today found the 12th one. Teething is going very smoothly – we never had a single problem with it.

7/21/06   Mamma & Nastya

Dima's mamma and sister flew from Chisinau tonight and will be staying with us for a month. They are very extremely excited about meeting Sophia in person at last. They had quite an adventure on their way here. They went through a selective terrorist control when some folks in Budapest – where they changed flights – interviewed them for half an hour or so. They had their 2nd stop in New York where they spent 11 hours between just 3 hours as they were supposed to in the first place. Who could think there will be a tropical storm in New York resulting in such a flight delay.

7/08/06   Summer vacations

We have returned today from our 6-day vacation. We visited Sequoia National Park, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, Napa Valley and Big Bear Lake. We worried about how Sonya will manage to endure this, but she did totally great and even enjoyed it. If you ask Sonya for her opinion she will probably say she enjoyed little as much as jumping on king-size beds in the hotels we stayed in. Here are some photos from our trip.

6/29/06   We are walking!

Thursday, June 29, 2006 will always be remembered by all the future generations to come as the day when Sonya first walked. Sonya did make attempts to do it before, but they were not so successful. Today she managed to go 6 feet, which is about her 6-7 baby steps. No doubt she still feels like crawling rather than walking. But she has discovered that the latter might be a fun too!

6/27/06   9th Tooth!

After a several-month break, we have got our 9th tooth (a lower right molar) and the 10th one is on the way too. For the time being the teething goes fine – Sonya is not crying or does not have problems with sleep because of it.

6/24/06   Eating Pasta

Today Sonya ate pasta for the first time in her life. Ira made pasta with fired onion (using one of my grandma’s secret recipes), but added some curry to it. Also it was the first time we used metallic tea spoon to feed Sonya instead of her plastic ones, as those were too small for the pasta. Sonya enjoyed pasta probably even more then Ira enjoyed afterwards vacuuming the floor covered with small spaghetti pieces around the table :-)

6/19/06   Feeding daddy

We found a new fun activity for herself. We started to feed our daddy. When we have something like an apple slice or a piece of broccoli and dad holds us, we are trying to feed this fruit or vegetable to him and enjoy a lot when he eats from our hands.
We never share our cookies with mommy or daddy though - they are too precious (the cookies) and we prefer to consume them ourselves. Do not take us wrong – it is not because Sonya is a sweet tooth and prefers to eat her cookies herself. She just thinks cookies are not good for mommy and daddy anyways :-)

6/12/06   No problems with sleeping

We noted below (see 5/16/06) that Sonya did not go to sleep immediately after her bath and bottle and required soothing.  As a matter of fact we had to soothe Sonya to put her to bed just for a week or so. After that the situation returned to what it used to be before: Sonya falls asleep all by herself without a problem again. Sony moves a lot during the night and we usually find her across the bed in very funny positions in the morning :-)

6/9/06   We can stay on our feet!

Sonya stays on her feet not leaning against anything, that is without any support at all. She is not walking yet, but it looks like she is ready for it. 

5/29/06   Swimming in the pool

Today we went to the pool for the first time since Sonya was born. We got a waterproof diaper for Sonya and she spent 15 minutes in the pool with her mommy and daddy. This day is to be celebrated further on as the day when Sophia started swimming almost by herself. By the way, today is all about new experiences. Today Sonya's dad participated in his first half-marathon :-)

5/28/06   Swings

Sonya loves swings. Big ones, not a small imitation we have at home. Those are for little babies, not for such big and brave girls as we are. Of course we use a kind of swing for toddlers, which is not very easy to fall off from. Once Sonya starts swinging it becomes difficult to get her out of the swings. She becomes very upset each time we need to go home.

5/27/06   Dancing

Sonya was dancing today all by herself for the first time. There was some rhythmic musing on TV and Sonya began to jump in time with the music, laughing and enjoying herself. Also Sonya likes clapping her hands - especially when she hears music.

5/24/06   Falling asleep

It looks like Sonya is not teething. We have to stay in her room with her every night since the last Tuesday. Ira tried to read her books and entertain her in the crib with toys and towels. When it is my turn I am usually just sitting there and shushing her if she gets upset. It is usually like she is getting up in the crib, jumping a bit, making some sounds, trying to reach out to the toys hanging above the crib, then laying down, few seconds of silence, some noise from the crib, in a minute she is standing on her feet in the crib again, sometimes upset sometimes not. The whole sequence repeated for about 20 times today before she eventually felt asleep. And it was pretty fast, just half an hour :-)))

5/16/06   What do we do now?

Today Sonya refused to fall asleep after her evening bath for the first time. The matter is that Sonya has been sleeping well throughout the night since she is 2 months old. We never had any problems with that. Every evening we were giving her a bath, a bottle, were putting her to crib, switching off the lights and that was it. Today we heard unhappy sounds from her room. She seemed to feel lonely and was very upset about it. Our reaction was: "Well, what do we do now?" It is like completely unknown situation we never experienced before. Sonya's switch off button is not working and we do not know what to do about it. Funny :-)  We spent another hour trying to shush Sonya, and eventually she felt asleep. We wonder if she is teething or just growing up and our calm nights are over?

4/28/06   Take Your Child to Work Day

Today we had our "Take Your Child to Work Day" - one day after everyone else did it for convenience reasons.  Although Sonya is a bit too young to fully enjoy it and play with other kids, we brought her to our office today. 

4/20/06   8th Tooth

We have got our 8th tooth today. Now we can boast with a "complete" 4x4 teeth set :)

4/18/06   Active baby

We have a pretty busy life now as Sophia is crawling (and does that very fast) and tries to stand up wherever she can. She is trying to reach everything she is not supposed to. She is constantly on the move.  Sonya has got a couple of light bruises on the way as well. In most of the cases she is not getting upset about her falls and bumps being totally over-consumed with her research activities. But we are constantly afraid she will hurt herself.
The other day she learned how to open drawers and how to close them. The only thing she does not understand is that if you are closing a drawer you need to get both of your hands out of it. We got some parental locks in Babies'R'Us and to secure our place, and plan to install those this week.

4/7/06   Crawling

Sophia started to crawl this week. Now it takes her less time to get to the things around her - especially those she knows she is not supposed to eat to like power cords and cables, papers left on the floor or the computer. The latter is a very appealing victim: for some reason Gateway made the power off button so bright on the system unit, that it lights up the whole room during the night. Too tempting not to press it.

3/29/06   7th Tooth

We have discovered our 7th tooth today. Now we have 4 of them on the top and 3 on the bottom. Our previous experience suggests that the 8th one should be on the way as well.

3/25/06   Restaurant in San Diego

We went to a restaurant and Sonya ate there sitting in a high stool for the first time in her life.  Sonya was eating peeled apple, some white bread and her "puffs" (small biscuits for babies) and enjoyed herself a lot. The floor around her was pretty much covered with her food at the end.

3/20/06   Chewing magazines

It is a thing for Sophia to do whatever it takes to get to our TV stand where we keep all the magazines.  She likes chewing them more then anything else: magazines are even more desirable and tasteful than remote controls.  We have discovered that it takes less than 5 minutes to chew up 2 magazine covers and tear into pieces 3 others at the same time.

3/15/06   How we bit daddy's ear

If your dad is preoccupied with shopping and does not entertain you, the easiest way to get his full undivided attention is to get to his ear and bite it. The best effect is achieved if you also chew it a little bit not allowing him though to get his ear out of your mouth. To make sure dad remembers the lesson you should keep pinching his ear after until it attains strawberry-like color.

2/19/06   Rolling fast

Why to crawl or walk, if you can roll across the room even faster!  Rolling has a lot of advantages as it allows you to get into the places less accessible for those who walk - under the furniture for example.   

1/13/06   Getting ready to crawl

Sophia is not crawling yet but should start soon - she is doing all the right moves when on her tummy, but for some reason they are not getting her anywhere yet.

11/10/05   Cereal

We started to feed Sonya with rice cereal just last weekend and - although she likes it - we have already had a chance to evaluate what a fun it is. Sonya gets very excited about the whole spoon-feeding thing and we are all covered with her food by the end of it. The situation got worse when she realized that if you strike a spoon full of cereal real hard from below, you can get a fantastic splash, while her parents are laughing and jumping around her furiously, trying to deal with the consequences.


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