Welcome to my personal website. 
I am currently a research scientist at Autodesk Research (San Francisco) working on a Synthetic Biology project. I keep a blog of ideas, where you can find some ideas that I have for collaborative research and education as well as some of my other ideas related to cancer, modularity, and evolution.


Post-doctoral training at Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, Texas) 
                    Research focus: lambda phage infection mechanism

PhD in Bioengineering from Univ. Washington, Seattle
       Dissertation work: www.tinkercell.com
        The software tool, TinkerCell, reflects my interest in collaborative research and education. 

M.S. in Bioinformatics from Univ. Texas El Paso
B.S. in Computer Science from Univ. Texas Austin

Research interests:
* Design patterns in biology
* Collaborative research and education
* Open science
* Synthetic biology

Drawing, hiking, traveling

Deepak Chandran,
Dec 20, 2011, 4:33 PM