David C. D. Jacobs
Earl Graves School of Business
Morgan State University
Baltimore, Maryland

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Ph.D. Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, 1983. Minors: Public Policy, Economic and Social Statistics. Dissertation: "The United Auto Workers and the Campaign for National Health Insurance."
M.A. in U. S. History, University of Michigan, 1976.
B.A. in History of Ideas with Honor, Residential College, University of Michigan, 1974.

Professional Experience:
2002-2005. Professor of Management, Hood College, Frederick, Maryland
1986-2002. Assistant and Associate Professor of Labor, Business,and Society, American University, Washington, D.C.
Summer 1995. Consultant to AFL-CIO Industrial Union Department.
1986-1991. Consultant to American Council on Education.
Summer 1986. Visiting Assistant Professor of Policy, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.
1983-1986. Assistant Professor of Management, School of Management, University of Michigan-Flint.
1983-1986. Assistant Research Scientist, Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.
Fall 1984. Lecturer in Political Economy, Residential College, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.
1982-1983. Assistant Professor of Labor Relations and Personnel, College of Business Administration, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas.
1980-1982. Guest Scholar, Government Studies, Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.

Co-edited with Peggy Kahn, The Differentiated States of America: Employment Relations Regimes in Conflict, from LERA and Cornell
Editorial Board, Encyclopedia of Case Study Research, from Sage UK

With Joel Yudken, The Internet, Organizational Change, and Labor, from Routledge

Coedited with Sheldon Friedman, The Future of the Safety Net: Social Insurance and Employee Benefits, from the IRRA and Cornell University Press

Business Lobbies and the Power Structure in America:Evidence and Arguments

Collective Bargaining as an Instrument of Social Change 
Both from Quorum Books

Selected Articles: 

"Resisting the Sense of Futility," Murphy, J., Malin, V., Siltaoja, M., Getting Things Done: Practice in Critical Management Studies, Emerald Publishing Group, 2013.

"Pragmatism, Social Reconstruction, and Organizational Theory," Kelemen, M. and Rumens, N. , American Pragmatism and Organization: Issues and Controversies, Ashgate, 2013. 

"The Affordable Care Act and the Neoconfederate Challenge," Perspectives on Work Online Companion, Winter 2012.

With Drs. Ogbolu, "Perspectives on Nurse Migration," Perspectives on Work, Fall 2012.

“Philosophy of Science,”  “Pragmatism,“ “Natural Science Model,“  “Equifinality” (with Milton Jacobs), “Bayesian Inference, Boolean Logic,“ Sage Encyclopedia of Case Study Research, 2009.
"Dialog on Locke's Business Ethics," Academy of Management Learning and Education Journal, June 2009.

"Business Lobbies and the Employee Free Choice Act," 2009 LERA Proceedings.

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"US Labour Act Ushers in a New Uncertainty,"Personnel Today January 15, 1998.
"Are Recognition Rules Made to be Broken?" Personnel Today, November 13, 1997.
With Kathy Getz, "Dialogue on ‘The Stakeholder Theory of the Corporation: Concepts, Evidence, and Implications'," The Academy of Management Review , October 1995.
With Virginia duRivage, "Social Policy and Part-Time Work: Lessons from Western Europe," in Dorothy Sue Cobble, ed., Women and the Labor Movement: Forging a New Partnership (Ithaca: ILR Press, 1993).
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"Professionals, Professionalism, and Union Representation," Professional Relations Bulletin of the American Chemical Society, November 1990.
"The 10th Anniversary of the Polish Solidarity Movement," syndicated column in New York state labor papers, August 1990.
"Bargaining During the Reagan Administration: Political Boulwarism," Negotiation Journal , October 1989.
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With Virginia duRivage, "Home-Based Work: Labor's Choices," in Eileen Boris and Cynthia R. Daniels, eds., Homework: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives on Paid Labor at Home (Urbana: University of Illinois, 1989).
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"In Society: New Representational Roles for Labor and Management," Labor Law Journal, August 1985.
"The Issue of Social Insurance," ILR Report, Fall 1984.

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