What happens when a new breed is accepted into the lineage?

When new breeds are released, the project members vote whether they should be accepted into the lineage. (Such votes can also be called for previously declined breed if we get additional information.)

If they are accepted, we need to teach our spreadsheets to recognize the new breed.

What the mods will do

We will add the new Breed and its Element to the 'Breeds' tab of the Mastersheet.

Since your spreadsheet's 'DragonsPerBreed' tab is linked to this, a new line with the breed will automatically be added to it. (This may take up to half an hour after the breed was added in the Mastersheet. Closing and reopening the whole spreadsheet may help speeding things up.)

Unfortunately, only the first 2 columns of your 'DragonsPerBreed' tab will be automatically updated, so you have to adjust the other columns.

What you have to do yourself

Your 'DragonsPerBreed' tab

Please scroll to the bottom of your 'DragonsPerBreed' tab. If it already knows of the new breed* you will find the last row (or rows if more than one breed was added) has no numbers next to it. Just click the last field with a number in the 'Numbers' column, position your mouse over its lower right corner until you see a cross, and then drag it down over all fields that need to be filled. The right formulas should then appear in those cells.

*This should happen within half an hour after the Mastersheet has been updated. If you can find the new breed in your 'DragonsPerBreed' tab, it's done.

If you use the 'Milestone' columns:

Unfortunately, while the 'Numbers' column automatically adjusts to the new breed (because it counts whatever breed name is next to it), the 'Milestone' columns do not. Since new breeds are not added at the bottom but at their alphabetical places, all Milestone fields (both 'claimed' and 'next') below the new breed are now one row too high (for each new breed that has been added since you last adjusted this).

So if you're using these column, I recommend adding another column where the breed names are repeated. Since these are manual inputs, they will also not automatically be moved when new breeds appear. So they will help you see which Milestone-lines belonged to which breed.

I'm sorry this is a hassle, but i currently have no better idea how to solve this. (If you have one, please PM Lastalda? Thanks!)

Your Registration Form

Go to your Registration Form and click on the 'Edit this Form' Button in the upper right corner.

Scroll down to 'Breed' (should be the 3rd question) and click the "Edit" button on the right (looks like a pen):

Then scroll down until you reach the end of the list of breeds. There's an empty field that says 'Click to add an option'. Click into it and add the name of the new breed. Be careful to use the exact same spelling as in your DragonsPerBreed tab! (Best copy&paste the name from there.)
Then you can drag & drop the new breed into its alphabetical place (use the little dots left to the number to drag & drop it):
Once it is in the right position, scroll back down to the end of the list and click "Done".
Then you can leave your Registration Form. The change will be saved automatically.

Now you can start registering dragons of the new breed. :-)