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Title: Living Consecrated Life Fully 
Author: Chrys Saldanha, SDB
Publisher: Tej-prasarini
Year: 2019
₹ 275.00

The author presents a glimpse of what it means to live Consecrated Life today in a very succinct manner. The commitment to respond to 'the call' and the consequent living out of this call in and through the vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience, through Community Life and in the Mission receive close attention. Aspects of Prayer, Holiness, Vocation, Formation and Authority, along with the need for Fraternal Correction and Fidelity, and the association between Consecrated Life and the Laity amply underline the modest objective of the book - to deepen and fructify the call to live Consecrated Life more fully.

Chrys Saldanha, a Salesian priest, is a versatile speaker and is experienced in a wide variety of settings: as Provincial of the Province of Mumbai, Director of the National Don Bosco Renewal Centre Bangalore and Collaborator in the Department for Formation at the Salesian Headquarters in Rome. He is currently in Ethiopia as a resource person for conducting courses and retreats. 

Title: Don Bosco: HIstory and Spirit (7 volumes)
Author: Arthur J. Lenti, SDB
Publisher: LAS
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Fr. Arthur’s professional career has mostly consisted of teaching higher education, including: Salesian College, Aptos, CA & St. Francis Seminary, Watsonville, CA (1954 – 1960), and the Pontifical College Josephinum, Columbus, OH, (1967-1975). He also taught at St. Mary’s College, Providence College, and Aquinas College during summer semesters. Fr. Arthur then went to the Salesian pontifical University in Rome to focus on Salesian Research. He then became one of the founders of the Institute of Salesian Studies in Berkeley, CA, and has been continuing his research and teaching Salesian Studies there ever since.

Title: Reviving Don Bosco's Oratory 
Author: Michal Vojtáš
Publisher: Lulu.com
Year: 2017
€ 12,57

The methodology of youth ministry and educational project managment can become defective through the infiltration of old paradigms or background theories. The new evangelization demands, therefore, a search for methods which can make an efficacious contribution to education in and of the fatih, following integrally the Church’s deposit of faith and ensuring the presence of well-founded certainties that are well defined, simple and solid, and stronger than the rationalistic misgivings that can arise.

Michal Vojtas SDB is Director of Don Bosco Studies Centre at the UPS. 

Title: Challenges in Salesian Life Today 
Author: Chrys Saldanha
Publisher: Tej-Prasarini
Year: 2017
USD: 20 

‘Challenges in Salesian Life Today’ is a heartfelt presentation of the richness inherent in the call to the Salesian way of life and a teasing out of the practical implications of that call in the context of everyday living. The author’s inspiring reflections range from prayer to mission to formation, and are a challenge to anyone who wishes to follow the Don Bosco way in response to ‘Da mihi animas, caetera tolle’ (Give me souls, take away the rest). 

Chrys Saldanha, SDB was provincial of the Salesian province of Mumbai, Director of the Salesian National Formation Centre, Bangalore and Assistant to the General Councillor of Formation of the Salesian Society, at the headquarters in Rome. 

Title: Don Bosco Lived Here 
Author: Aldo Giraudo and Giuseppe Biancardi
Translator: Julian Fox
Publisher: Lulu.com
Free Flip book available hereFree web-book available in html format
Year: 2013
Pages: 258
USD: $11.14

A book which contextualises the story of Don Bosco in 19th century Piedmont and as we see him today through his life and work, especially as it touches on the Becchi (where he was born), Chieri (where he studied as a boy and in the seminary, and Valdocco, Turin, where he lived his life as a priest on behalf of poor young people. The book is replete with archival pictures or photographs shot on location. 

Title: Re-Imagining Don Bosco: During the Bicentenary of His Birth 1815 - 2015
Author: Peter Varengo
Publisher: Wipf & Stock
Distributor: Amazon.com 
Year: 2015
Pages: 130 
USD: 15.67

Celebrating two hundred years since his birth, these reflections recall the life and spirituality of Don Bosco whose Salesian order has touched the lives of millions of young people, offering them support, hope and future. They also call on today's Salesians to consider the current situation of young people and challenge them to re-express their Founder's vision in the reality of each day for the future of youth the world over.

Title: Don Bosco: Symphony of Grace 
Author: Elias Dias, SDB
Publisher: Kristu Jyoti Publications, Bengaluru, India.
Year: 2015
INR 220/- 
USD, Euro

This book is a compendium of the qualities of nature and grace that blended in Don Bosco's personality. 
It lucidly covers a spectrum of topics with something in each chapter to inspire every reader.

Title: Exploring Salesian Life Today
Author: Chrys Saldanha, SDB
Publisher: Tej-prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga, Mumbai, India.
Email: <tej_dbc@vsnl.net>, <peris_tej@rediffmail.com> 
Year: 2015
Pages: 298
INR 250/-
USD 20, Euro 17

This book deals with a broad spectrum of topics connected with the life and work of the Salesians of Don Bosco, such as life of contemplation in prayer, ongoing formation, vocation ministry, responsibility in the ethical use of the media, building community and youth ministry. It also contains topics that are professedly Salesian, like the spirituality and educative method of Don Bosco, Salesian consecrated life in its two forms of Salesian priest and Salesian brother, the Salesian Superior and the Salesian Family. Each topic is a synthesis and therefore can be expanded or developed in a variety of ways.

Title: Salesian Expressive Education
Editors: Peter Gonsalves and Ivo Coelho
Contributors: Kenneth Pereira, Eunan McDonnell, Tadeusz Lewicki, Mario Comoglio, Chinnappan Antonyraj, Peter Gonsalves
Publishers: Dbway.in - Divyadaan
Free web-book downloadable here
While much has already been written on the preventive dimension of Don Bosco's method, not enough reflection has gone into its expressive, growth-enhancing aspects. In January 2012, DBWAY.IN solicited Salesian authors to reflect and write on themes promoting Salesian expressive education. Their articles were published in Divyadaan, Journal of Philosophy and Education, vol. 23, no. 2, 2012. They are uploaded here as a downloadable web-book with the kind permission of the editor, Ivo Coelho, SDB

Title: Salesian Sources Online (FONTI SALESIANI) 
Author: Aldo Giraudo, Francesco Motto, José Manuel Prellezo (Eds)
Translators: Julian Fox, SDB
Free web-book available here 
Translated from Fonti salesiane.

Covers selected works by Don Bosco categorised broadly into texts 
belonging to history, pedagogy, spirituality of Don Bosco.
Italian original Fonti Salesiane prepared under the auspices of 
the Istituto Storico Salesiano

Notes for a Spiritual History of Fr. John Bosco 
Author: Giuseppe Bucellato, SDB
Translators: Ivo Coelho, SDB
Publisher: Krisu Jyoti Publications, India. 
Email: <kristujyotipub@yahoo.co.in>
Year: 2014
Pages: 185
INR 150/-   
USD $ 8.00

In this book, Fr. Buccellato, a noted spiritual author, presents to us the development and chief elements of the spirituality of Don Bosco.  He helps us to trace the roots of this spirituality and discover its animating principles.

Title: Prevention Not Repression, Don Bosco's Educational System 
Author: Pietro Braido
Translators: Vinicio Zuliani and Julian Fox
Publisher: Krisu Jyoti Publications, India. 
Email: <kristujyotipub@yahoo.co.in>
Year: 2013
Pages: 398
INR: 270, 
USD: $ 14

Don Bosco's educational system or, more comprehensively, Don Bosco's preventive experience, is a project: it grew, gradually expanded and became  ore specific in the different and various institutions and undertakings carried out by his many collaborators and disciples. Understandably, its vitality can be guaranteed in time only by being faithful to the law which governs any authentic growth: renewal, in-depth study, adaptation in continuity. This third edition of Prevention, not Repression is significantly restructured and expanded; more care has been given to historical data, less space to certain flights of fancy, more light shed on things that might be useful for an inevitable revision and revitalization... (Pietro Braido, sdb)

Title: Nurturing Presence - A Spirituality for Education 
Author: Kenneth Pereira
Publisher: Tej-prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga, Mumbai, India. 
Email: <peris_tej@rediffmail.com>, <tej_dbc@vsnl.net>
Year: 2012
Pages: 215
INR: 250/-
$20 / €17

While much has been written on the means of bringing about the integral growth of the young, comparatively little has been written about the concomitant growth of those who regularly deal with them, namely, parents, educators and youth workers. This book will hopefully fill that lacuna. The growth-oriented vision that this book offers is a blend of ideas and insights from Don Bosco and Carl Rogers, tracing their origins to the Bible itself. The common threat that runs through the entire book is the them of nurturing presence.

Title: Don Bosco's Way - A South Asian Perspective
Author: Peter Gonsalves & Don Bosco Centre for Learning, Kurla, Mumbai
Publisher: Tej-prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga, Mumbai, India. 
Email: <peris_tej@rediffmail.com>, <tej_dbc@vsnl.net>
Year: 2011
Pages: 90
INR: 80/-
USD: 7

This manual was originally designed as an induction course for the staff of Salesian educational and social institutions of the province of Mumbai. It is an attempt to present Don Bosco's Way of Educating to a multireligious, multi-cultural population of South Asia and beyond. It offers educators, parents, social workers and youth leaders the opportunity to be enriched by the genius of Don Bosco and his educational method, even though they may not share his religious beliefs, or accept his original writings that are clothed in cultural and religious vocabulary. It will provide the concepts, themes, attitudes and skills that are essential to Don Bosoco's Way today.
The manual is also available in TAMIL. Please write to <mukennedysdb@gmail.com>

Title: Education of the Young in Today’s India
Authors: Jesu Pudumai Doss, Sahayadas Fernando, Joseph Sagayaraj Devadoss, Jerome Vallabaraj
Publisher: Don Bosco Publications, Chennai, India. 
Email: <peris_tej@rediffmail.com>, <tej_dbc@vsnl.net>
Year: 2011

The articles in this book edited by Salesian professors at the Salesian Pontificial University, Rome, present the research, reflection and experience of young researchers, teachers and youth-workers. They aim at accompanying all those who are engaged in the difficult but noble task of educating the young, with critical thoughts on the present educational scenario of India. At appropriate moments, such reflections are complemented by some proposals to ameliorate the existing educational perspectives and practices. The three strands of thread that unite these diverse studies are inclusion, empowerment and participation of the young through education. See the Table of Contents

Title: The Educational Philosophy of Don Bosco
Author: John Morrison
Publisher: Don Bosco Publications, Guwahati, India. 
Year: 1999
Pages: 258
INR: - 100
USD: - 

Morrison provides a very thorough and scholarly explanation of Don Bosco's educational system. Originally written for readers in Australia, the US and UK, the book can also be appreciated by a pluri-religious readership. It highlights Bosco's learner-centered pedagogy in which the teacher's duty is to discipline through loving kindness, presence among the students, creative activities, sport, theater and play. It is a method that prepares students for their professional life and helps them acquire a high regard for self-discipline and moral values. 

Title: Growing with the Young 
Subtitle: Don Bosco's Art of Educating explained in cartoon for the busy Parent, Educator and Youth Leader of all faiths.
Author and illustrator: Peter Gonsalves 
Publisher: Tej-prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga, Mumbai, India. 
Email: <peris_tej@rediffmail.com>, <tej_dbc@vsnl.net>
Year: 1994
Pages: 50
INR: 40/-
USD: 3
The book can be viewed online here.

This book of cartoons presents Don Bosco's Educational Method to those parents, educators and youth leaders who are too busy to read fine print. It contains lively illustrations that accompany the main principles underpinning the Salesian Method of Education. The concluding pages of the book are an age-wise, practical guide for parents of all faiths and cultures. 

Title: Don Bosco's Charism and Asian Culture
Author: Sebastian Karotemprel, SDB
Publisher: Salesian College Publications, Dimapur, India.
Year: 1988
INR (price unknown)

This volume examines the chief elements of the Salesian Charism and explores the possibilities for true dialogue with Asian cultures. The Salesian Congregation through its various documents has called for adaptation and inculturation. The urgency is especially felt in Asia where the charism of Don Bosco faces the challenge of religious pluralism, a spurt in nationalistic feelings, and the emergence of youth as agents of social and political change. The authors seek to find areas where the Salesian Charism can enrich and be enriched by Asian cultures.Three chapters are dedicated to the Salesian Educational Method.

Title: The Educational System of Don Bosco in the Non-Christian Context
Author: Jose Kuttianimattathil, SDB 
Publisher: Don Bosco Youth Animation—India, Bangalore.
Year: 1983
INR 100 
USD 7.00

The Preventive System is the gift of Don Bosco to the young and to the world. For this to be really effective, it must adapt itself to the context. This book is an attempt to incarnate the Preventive System in a Non-Christian context. The merit of the book consists in showing how reason, religion, and loving kindness, the pillars of the Preventive System, can be made effective among people who share a different worldview.


Title: Exercises in Peace Education
Author: Peter Gonsalves
Publisher: Tej-prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga, Mumbai, India. 
Email: <peris_tej@rediffmail.com>, <tej_dbc@vsnl.net>
Year: 2003
Pages: 152
INR: 150/- 
USD: 12
Contains 52 sessions designed for peace educators of South Asia to help young people (ages 5-17) form peaceful personalities. The lessons encourage participation. They raise awareness, provoke thinking, challenge stereotypes, point to solutions and incite to action.
This manual is part of the Quality Life Education series.

Title: We Choose Peace!
Author: Peter Gonsalves
Publisher: Tej-prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga, Mumbai, India. 
Email: <peris_tej@rediffmail.com>, <tej_dbc@vsnl.net>
Year: 2003
Pages: 62
INR: 50/-
USD: 5
This is the students’ workbook that accompanies the Peace Education manual mentioned above. It can also be used independently to stimulate reflection among young people – an ideal gift for young peace builders.
This workbook is part of the Quality Life Education series.

Title: Exercises in Education to Creativity
Author: Chandrika R.
Publisher: Tej-prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga, Mumbai, India. 
Email: <peris_tej@rediffmail.com>, <tej_dbc@vsnl.net>
Year: 2000
Pages: 252
INR: 150/- 
USD: 12 
A compendium of a variety of exercises to develop creative thinking skills through group participation and application to life-situations. Contains 77 lessons on creativity with 50 attractive worksheets.
This manual is part of the Quality Life Education series.

Title: Exercises in Media Education
Author: Peter Gonsalves
Publisher: Tej-prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga, Mumbai, India. 
Email: <peris_tej@rediffmail.com>, <tej_dbc@vsnl.net>
Year: 1994, 1999
Pages: 206
INR: 100/-
USD: 10
An indispensable manual for media educators in schools. It contains 95 exercises to appreciate the language and technique of mass media, to analyse how and why they are constructions of reality and to promote their responsible use for an equitable society.
This manual is part of the Quality Life Education series.

Title: Exercises in Education to Love
Author: Anthony Grugni, M.D.
Publisher: Tej-prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga, Mumbai, India.
Email: <peris_tej@rediffmail.com>, <tej_dbc@vsnl.net>
Year: 1997
Pages: 122
INR: 80/- 
USD: 7 
A manual that offers a holistic approach to the education of love, sex and marriage. It is divided into two parts. The first contains 24 participatory lesson-plans and the second, essential biological information.
This manual is part of the Quality Life Education series.

Title: The 'How to' Book for Youth Leaders
Authors: Albano Fernandes, Kennedy Saldanha, Ian Doulton, Lionel Braganza, Nelson Carvalho, Peter Gonsalves 
Publisher: Tej-prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga, Mumbai, India. 
Email: <peris_tej@rediffmail.com>, <tej_dbc@vsnl.net>
Year: 1996
Pages: 208
INR: 80/-
USD: 7

As members of an international educational society, the authors are proficient in youth work and have at various times lived and worked with young people of different age-groups, socio-economic backgrounds, creeds and cultures. This book is a compendium of practical methodologies for youth leadership culled from the storehouse of their vast and varied experiences.